First Erepublik Country Constitution

Day 52, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

The First Erepublik Country Constitution

Ireland is working on creating the first Constitution of a country in Erepublik. We will be happy to see the results of this action and, if not affecting other honest Citizens and if voted by a majority of the Irish Congress, we will be happy to help make it work.
This is another step in creating a legal system in Erepublik and will be very helpful when we will have judges that can make sure laws are enforced.
More details here:

Where in the world is the admin?

Because some of the Citizens said that we are still on holidays (we wish), here is a small report on what we've done these past days on the website (excluding what is not yet online):
- Employees presence percentages fixed;
- When you login/logout you should stay on the same page;
- Login problem on the main login form fixed;
- We had a really hard time with the fire employee's bug - we've made some modifications and it seems like they don't come back in the company list as employees, please let us know if not resolved yet.
- Send private message form, we have improved security in that form;
- Number of citizens on the homepage now represents just the living citizens;
- Number of deaths - now shows the correct value;
- Confirmation message after receiving a gift;
- Limiting the number of characters in private messages to 1000 (that table became very big, but we will increase the limit to 2000);
- Congressman vote security fix;
... and more other small bugs or security problems fixed.
Tomorrow we plan to fix the company selling problem and the monthly company tax that is not received by the region treasury.
Meanwhile we try to respond to the private messages sent to the admin during the holiday. There are a lot and if you haven't yet received a response from the admin please be patient, starting next week we hope we will be up to date.

New servers => Better loading speed => New Citizens

We are testing a copy of Erepublik on the new servers. Hopefully this weekend we will have completed a full transfer and next week we will give more invitations to the Citizens that have ran out (about 4000 Citizens have 0 invitations left at the moment).
We will also start progressively letting in new Citizens that are on the waiting list (close to 6000).
After 2 weeks in which we haven't sent invites and many of the Citizens were left out of invitations we are eager to let more new Citizens in to populate the Erepublik World but will of course, this being a beta we continue to limit access.

Best regards,
The Erepublik team