Be Active, Build India [Updated]

Day 663, 17:19 Published in India India by Internal Affairs India
Hello dear Citizens
Hope you are enjoying the eIndian weather today! Its nice and sunny, as we work, train & fight under the able leadership of President UgoRaffaele, and both old and new faces to support. Congratulations to the new Ministers as well!
All the very best to our Candidates for Party President of both India United and Democratic Party of India!! All eIndians of both parties: Do VOTE!

If you are an Active Citizen, do read it once (doesn't harm to brush up) & pass on the message our newer friends. Thanks! 🙂

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) India, is there to aid all Citizens, old or new. If you need any help, guidance on any matter, game play or game ethics or are low on wellness at any point, always let us know. We have provisions to give free gift &/or donate food to any citizen below 40 wellness. We do not donate weapons.

eIndia needs her Citizens well and active. Follow these guidelines & advance yourself & eIndia!

1> Be Active: Log on everyday for at least 15 minutes. If you can give a bit more time & commitment to eIndia, Get Involved! If you are going for a break, do stock up on food, and inform the Ministry.

To understand the game better, check out:
eRepublik Tutorial
Help Guide

2> Very vital that you join us at the FORUM, our eIndian community & contribute as much as you can. It is the backbone of eIndia! We want to hear you! 🙂

3> Subscribe to these key papers:
a) Indian Armed Forces [For daily updates and instructions on the Training Wars]
😎 Internal Affairs India
c) Indian Media & Culture Ministry
d) President UgoRaffaele's A Soldier's Life

4> Do NOT open Multiple Accounts. They are illegal, and you Will get banned. If you come across any, encourage them to close that account, and report to the National Police Force Sardar

5> Level 5+ citizens, can participate in Training Wars, ideally from Orissa (it has a hospital). Every eIndian should fight & heal, as it has multiple benefits. You can maintain 80+ wellness, and your productivity at work is much higher!

6> If you need a Citizen Mentor, or feel someone else might need one, let us know!
We'll be bringing out the new list of Citizen Mentors soon, from all those who applied during and after the ACDR (Active Citizens Do Respond) campaign.

7> Join a party, if you aren’t in one, Vote every month on the 5th, 15th & 25th for President, Part President and Congress respectively.
The Party Presidents or active members you know in these parties can help you decide which ine to join. While any Level 7+ Citizen CAN contest for Elections, being active on the FORUM, writing a manifesto (preferably in consultation with senior members in the party), and being sincerely dedicated to serving the country are some key factors, which will ensure you are elected.

8> Talk about eRepublik with your friends. We need more eIndians, to help us grow as a nation! The more we become active in the community (interacting with others, contributing in forum) the more exciting the game is, and more we can confidently convince others to join. So we hope you will be active, stay in touch and help build eIndia!

Thank you so much!

Prime Minister/ Home Ministry

Minister of Internal Affairs

Please vote this up, comment/PM Internal Affairs, in case of any queries.