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Day 94, 05:16 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens

Erepublik Top

Starting today, Erepublik displays a clear evidence of its best performers. The new [a url=]Top Erepublik[/a] page is a helpful tool to establish who is who in Erepublik and to keep its Citizens informed on the world charts.
Access the lists of Top Citizens, Countries, Companies, Parties or Newspapers sorted by Society, Economy, Politics, Military and Media Points and other features like GDP, Unemployment, Gold, etc in every country or region that you want to see.

House taxes

Starting from next month, all Citizens will start to pay a house tax to their regions treasury before the 15th of the following month. If the tax is not paid the house will be automatically demolished (yes pretty radical we know). This tax will help mayors have a bigger budget to buy hospitals and do other things that they may imagine to help their city.
If you have a house you can pay the tax accessing your profile page.

President of USA announces his retirement

The President of the USA, Korbin King, has made official his [a url=]voluntary retirement[/a] from the next race for USA's Presidency.
Korbin King is enjoying real popularity among the American Citizens for his active implication in his country administration for 3 mandates.
Korbin was supported by the Democratic Party the biggest American party (considering the number of members).
Looks like the next US elections will be a very interesting one to watch.

The Erepublik Team