**The OG: Canadian Progressive Front**

Day 659, 13:55 Published in Canada Canada by Banach

What Is It?

As the Premiership Candidate for this party last Saturday, I feel obliged to provide an explanation for what this party is and why its around.

I'm sure you've noticed that with the recreation of the political scene in Canada one party was missing- CEP. Without a CEP, there really isn't much of a political opposition to the center-leftist, far-leftist party going on with the four parties.

For the purposes of running for Prime Minister, adding a rightist party back to the Canadian landscape would be sped up and done before the elections.

With the elections over, it seems that the name of the party may be under question. "Why is it CPF and not CEP or something?!?!"

Since the party was originally named "Vote for Banach" as it was just a way for me to run, I asked Gofarman (one of the primary donors of GOLD for this generous venture, I thank all the others, you know who you are!) to change the name temporarily to something different but relatable. Of course, Canadian Progressive Front popped into mind (that was the party that I was elected from last October).

With the elections over, there seems to be a general aura of enthusiasm surrounding the current name and not changing it back (or forward technically :/ ) to CEP.

What's Going To Happen?

Gofarman is the current leader of the party. He of course was the leader of CEP before the war occurred and payed the majority of the money necessary to bring the party back.

He has indicated that he will not be running for reelection, and from what I understand, that gives us less than a week to pick a suitable replacement.

Before we begin picking leaders, we need to establish a credible member base. A party needs people who share a collective interest in our views. That brings me to my next point.

On the forum we are building, there is an area for platforms, elections candidates as well as party leadership and mission statements that will need to be filled.

Its hard to fill that with three people voicing their opinions. That's not what a party does. For us to have an identity again, we must have a community. The blueprint is there, but if we are to erect a party worthy of contending for Premiership, it must be edited and new ideas must be put in.

Are You Interested?

Why not join up into our rapidly growing community. Canadian Progressive Front was an answer to a stagnant and somewhat aging Norsefire and in its peak time around one year ago, boasted a roster of members that was unmatched by any other party. Will it happen again this time? Perhaps. Great individuals only gather around a great leader, or a great concept, or during a great need.

We are simply looking for members who feel they want to join a right-wing party and depart from the current opposition-free climate.

What can I personally promise you? I will try and contribute to this party and make it the most mature, effective, timely and organized party.

When we discuss, it won't be a flame war or troll fest. When we debate platforms, our ideas will turn into agreed solutions. Our nominations and decisions will not come a minute before its necessary. Our organization will be unmatched by any other party, and our forum will be the best, 'nuff said.

I invite other parties to select a representative to communicate with the CPF on our new forum.

Click here for our new forum (under construction)

It will be in construction for the next 48-72 hours but it should look quite nicely afterwards.

Thank you for your time, and I hope I explained somethings.