Do I sound Prime Ministerial enough??

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Wow, 167 days of eRepublik & what a ride in such a short time! I started off in Iran-occupied West Bengal, & moved to eIndia’s then, only region, Orissa with the help of some really helpful guys, whom I can’t thank enough. The moment I *got off the plane*, onto the *soil of my motherland*, I knew this was going to be a whole different experience. I was a noob, with no knowledge of the game or any aspect of eIndian politics at that time. I saw, one guy, David Forde, then President of eIndia, work with his team of dedicated eIndians and regaining territory after territory. It was their effort that inspired me to take this ‘game’ a bit more seriously.

It was a week prior to the July Congress Elections that the ideas started flowing. I came up with some well-meaning but albeit over the top ideas for the eIndian community. But I knew, just posting ideas wasn’t the solution. I needed guidance from those who were already at it, and doing a terrific job with the eNation. I took my ideas to ex-President shail.back, got to know my dear friend, Kansarasumit, Arya Bhatt, a tech genius, and David Forde, a man whose contribution to my gaming experience I will value the most!

They started guiding me through every step; took time to patiently hear my ideas and opinions; and we earned mutual trust and understanding. It was within a short while, that Arya had to stay away for a few days, due to pressures of real life, and entrusted me with the Internal Affairs organization. Now this organization you might say is just another tool in the Govt mechanism. For me it is more; it is the way to reach out to all the precious Citizens of our eIndian community. I think we did well, in terms of helping many new citizens get up on their feet, reviving a dying lot, bringing countless Citizens back to eIndia, before and after the Citizenship module, and helping Citizens level up faster, by showing them the way to Orissa, and the Training Wars. One of the key things that I take pride in is the small, but hopefully significant role I played in generating interest in the eIndia Forum, constantly encouraging people to talk out, to contribute, to make themselves heard.

In the meantime, I took on another challenge- Expansion. eIndia needs more Citizens and that is the bottom-line! I am glad we crossed the mark of 600 Citizens, but we need much more. I’ll be publishing details on my Expansion plans and activities later. I am happy to report however, that I was appointed Ambassador for eRepublik, by the Admin team recently, and based on my feedback; they are already providing good support to our Expansion plans.

One key issue doing the rounds during my time here has been that of ‘democracy’ & the need for ‘unity’. There have been heated debates and fights, and one of the very unfortunate outcomes has been the departure of David from eIndia. I respect the reasons for it, and shall talk about it some other time.

It does not matter which side of the debates I have been on, but I respect each person’s opinions, and am sorry that at times even I flared up. However, I have spoken to as many people as possible, over msn mostly, trying to find out the root of the problems we faced. I am sure many will attest that I did so during the Board of Seniors debate, over Presidential campaigns, the DPI-IU conflict, and the recent AHF debacle.

In the process I have come to make many good friends, all well-meaning Citizens, whatever their chosen path of action has been. I would especially like to mention the likes of Jelly & Arjaa our ex-PP’s & most hard-working Citizens; JackJack from whom I still learn a lot, who in spite of what it seems at times, has nothing but the best intentions; Brood, Ashwa & Dee, all 3 Wisdom personified; Navin, my partner & great buddy, Calvin, Blazed, Nikkk S, Harsh, Mayur, Jackbid, Vigi, Shivendu & of course many others, with whom I am good friends. These are some of the most mature guys, with whom I have had numerous talks over the past 2 months and no matter our differences, what we are is unique- we are eIndians, dedicated to serving the cause of eIndia, and in spite of all that has happened over the past 1-2 months, it falls to us to unite, not just in ideology or policy, but inaction.

I take on the role & responsibility of Prime Minister, fully aware that it is not upto one man, but each Citizen of our eNation to take concrete action, to communicate our doubts and confusions, not in public forums, but through private conversations and work towards building a secure and unified eIndian community. I take on this position, not as a badge or achievement, but as an honor to be able to help serve my fellow eIndians in a greater capacity. I call on all my dear friends, to do our bit, to talk more, to fight less, to trust the guys in-charge that much more, so we may show results, and truly build a democracy that the whole eWorld can be in awe of!

With this, I humbly accept the role of Prime Minister of eIndia. I thank Ugo for the faith in me. As Prime Minister, its my key goal to get to know as many Citizens as possible, to build bonds of trust and friendship within the community as well as outside, and to ensure that the entire Government functions as a team, in sync, in rhythm & towards a specific goal. I'll be publishing more details on the Ministries later.

[Hope I sound Prime Ministerial enough!! Just kiddin, thank you guys.]

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