Presidential Cabinet Announcement

Day 656, 04:07 Published in South Africa South Africa by Steven Bosch

AS promised, these are the people I announce for my cabinet.
In my platform I mentioned that I will be broadening things a bit to get more people involved.

I have tried to contact most people on the list and most have answered, if you have not accepted your position, please let me know.

September Cabinet of eSouth Africa

President: Steven Bosch - (that's president kitty to you 😉)
Vice President: Luc Praetor

Presidential caucus: Ines Schumacher, Gabriel Borien, Jizzie McGuire, ERDwurm
(This is a group of older players who will serve as the president's advisory board.)

Chief of Staff: Lucien Morjuet

Speaker of parliament: Ryan Dagari
(this is the person who sees through the implementation of Direct Democracy)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Oceanus
Minister of Liberation negotiations: Ines Schumacher
(This person serves as chief negotiator along with the president when it comes to eBrazil and eIndonesia)

Minister of Information: Frank Furglar

Minister of Finance: Enoch Root
Director of Trade (a new department under Finance): Alby

Minister of Social Affairs: OvidiusZa
Mentorship Director: Travis Granger
(New department under social affairs)

Head of the SAAF: Siroe

Minister of Intelligence: zamrg
Director of Immigration: Guss1972
(This is a new department under Intelligence that advises congress on which citizenship requests to approve)

I believe that basically covers everyone, except for one.
Ajay asked me to put a person of ANA in my cabinet.

So last, but certainly not least, our own Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is this cabinet's court jester: Ajay Bruno.


Steven Bosch
eSA President