Karl's Travel Guide - Hungary

Day 655, 02:53 Published in USA Sweden by Karl Khan

On my second leg of the tour, i came to Hungary (delighted) on extremely low wellness (as stated previously). It was only when i came that the Political scene coupled by employment rates that i stopped being excited, and tried to find any opportunity i could to get out as soon as i can. However, during my stay in Hungary, it was also due to the lack of English-oriented newspapers that dragged me further away from the country. So far, i have have no comment on the conditions, as it was difficult to find a company that could suffice my payroll. In the end, after several days in Hungary, i left for Germany in a haste.

However, i could not understand why a country with such conditions have an excellent marketplace, and cheap goods. Tax was considered low as i could buy my tickets to Germany with ease. War Games also presented no challenge. Staying there is not discouraged.

<strong>My rating?

Tax - 8 out of 10 *NEW*
Employment - 5 out of 10
* Ability To Pay - 4 out of 10 *NEW*
Political Scene - 4 out of 10
Marketplace - 5 out of 10
War Games - 10 out of 10

Permanent place to stay?
Optimum. - 5 out of 10.

Overall: 5 out of 10</strong>

So far, this is my second country in my world tour, and that things are quite average for Hungary. So meet me next time, on Karl's Travel Guide - Germany.