Karl's Travel Guide- Bolivia

Day 655, 02:28 Published in USA Sweden by Karl Khan

My first country was Bolivia, where i stayed in the Bolivian Altiplano for less than a week. I recommend that you come here for a vacation, and not permanently as the political scene isn't that much popular here. There are no Houses, Defence Systems, nor a Hospital in sight, and i believe that employment here is also low, but optimum to say the least. The economy isn't bad, as that basically affects the marketplace. There is a variety of basic essential products in Bolivia, such as food and gifts, but extremely low on bulky produce such as houses and Hospitals. There is no war games, and the president isn't that communicative with the people. On this leg of my trip, my wellness hit record lows.

<strong>My rating?

Employment - 5 out of 10
Political Scene - 3 out of 10
Marketplace - 5 out of 10
War Games - 0 out of 10

Permanent place to stay?
Highly Discouraged. - 1 out of 10.

Overall: 3 out of 10</strong>

So far, this is my first country of the world tour i'm going in, and things are looking gloomy for Bolivia. Meet me next time, on Karl's Travel Guide - Hungary.