Dodgy Order of Diabolical Geeks of Ethika

Day 653, 08:53 Published in India India by maverick10
Statutory Warning: All stunts performed by professional geek, Mav. Attempts at Crispness have failed. Do Not Try This In Your Forum or In Game. Smart-alecks beware; my words bite.

eRepublik, for me, has been preeettty heated up recently. Tonight I take a step back and see where I stand and what are the pillars of my gaming experience, my principles, if I may say so.
Why DODGE? Frankly, call me opaque, and undemocratic, but I have no explanation right now. It seems pretty dodgy, diabolical, geeky, with a touch of ethics (Ethika is the capital of Planet Naïve by the way, of which I shall write later) & I shall be dodgy about any queries regarding the same. All suggestions are welcome!

So I, maverick10, hereby proclaim myself as Founding Member & First Knight of:

Dodgy Order of Diabolical Geeks of Ethika – DODGE [v1]
It is the standard on which I base/judge my own & others decisions & actions on. You, my subscriber or friend, or neither, feel free to voice thy opinion & let thee voice be echoed through the pages of my articles.
Hail The Dodgy Diabolical Geeks! Hail Ethika!

A.1.1: Law of TINR – [This Is Not Real]
eRepublik is a game. We, all Citizens of eRepublik, have RL commitments. So lets chill, be good, play safe, and have fun. Don’t take it so seriously, that you confuse RL & eRepublik. Leave Real Life At The Door [before you log on], and don’t take eRepublik home [don’t bore your friends with talk of MPP, gold & Q1 weapons!!!]

A.2: Law of FISB – [Fun Is Serious Business]
Yes, it’s a game, but this isn’t Counter-strike or Civilization. What you do or say HAS an impact on your eWorld, and it’s either positive or negative, in varying degrees. All players, by participating or not in the country’s running, have an impact on it.

At the same time, don’t do anything half-heartedly, even if it is all fun. Be creative, and add value to it. So as Yoda of the Jedi Council would say, if he were a Citizen of eRepublik: Fun & games, it is, but a joke, it is not.

A.3: Law of RESPECT – not an acronym [naa]
The eWorld is built mostly on the bee-hive model. Each person has significant role. All actions count towards the building or destruction of a nation, hence Each Citizen Is Precious. The only way we can advance, is to respect the individuality of each person and not try to mould it according to our own belief systems. At the same time we base our decisions & actions on the basis of what we hold more sacred than other.

A.4: Law of FOS – [Freedom of Speech]
I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it ~ Voltaire.
Voltaire (R.I.P.), fortunately for him, did not play eRepublik. He must already be turning in his grave for the context in which I use his golden sayings. But, the fact remains, you, the Citizen do have a voice, a keyboard/pad, so use it and speak. I may not agree, but yes, I will not scathe someone for saying [if it does not hurt people’s sensitivities, goes against any of my other stated principles or goes against RL, eRepublik laws itself]. Words can be used for all intents and purposes. Use them for what is good and right, not to defame, or throw mud. Shit is meant to come out of only one place. Let it be so.

A.5: Law of WTT – [Walk the Talk]
Democracy is good. I say this because other systems are worse. ~ Jawaharlal Nehru
Democracy is only a dream: it should be put in the same category as Arcadia, Santa Claus, and Heaven. ~ H. L. Mencken
In a democracy, the individual enjoys not only the ultimate power, but carries the ultimate responsibility. ~ Norman Cousins

Democracy is a double edged sword, and the contradictions are apparent in these lines. On one hand it is the right, the privilege of each person to have a voice and an opinion by law, yet at the same time, opens the way for misuse of that very right and privilege. The problem is inherently one of ACTION. Am much as Democracy is a *right*, it’s a *responsibility*, or maybe that is too difficult a concept for us.

I hereby pledge to only take action, and put a tax on my words.

A.5: Law of BEE – Be Ethical eRepublikans
Ethics is always a subjective issue. What to me is ethical is not necessarily the same for you. However, any action that does not directly add value to or aid in the welfare of Citizens, while maintaining their dignity ideally ought to be deemed unethical. Any action where we put the interest of ones own self as most sacred, at the cost of others wealth, dignity & sovereignty, is unethical.

Any action that does not lead to me gaining gold is deemed unethical. Did I just contradict myself, or maybe I am just proving what I meant by dodgy. Don’t Take Me Too Seriously. It was a Joke. This is a Serious Joke.

A.6: Law of CHEERS – not an acronym again [naaa]
This is where the Dodginess (no, it’s not a word) kicks in. This might seem like a contradiction of A.2 FISB, but as Joker, from the Dark Knight (R.I.P. Heath Ledger) says: Why so serious? [You have got to love the accent & how he says it!!] Whatever you do, HAVE FUN! Man, some people take it way too serious, with ideologies selling for peanuts, and peanuts selling for 1000 gold!

AND while this is all in fun and good spirits, the intent is clear. Wake up Citizens and smell the coffee, beer or whatever gets you going! Have fun, but play it right. Lets not make eRepublik just a reflection of our messed up RL societies.

Note: maverick10 is an android with human tendencies, and like wise prone to human errors. Mav shall try his utmost to live up to his credos & will judge others on the same ground. In essence, as Forest's mom said, *stupid is as stupid does*. Now replace *stupid* with any other word in your dictionary. I say:


I sign allegiance to the Dodgy Order of Diabolical Geeks of Ethika.
I pledge to remain active, and at the aid of any and all Citizens who ask, and who’s cause I deem worthy of my blade of words, & all other efforts.
I pledge to protect the integrity of my nation, eIndia, before any other.
I pledge to be at the side of my friends (not necessarily including or limited to my eRepublik Friends list), in any way or form, and build on this in every way possible.
I pledge to introspect at every point of time, as to the validity of my own thoughts, words and actions.
I pledge to pass around free beer, to any and all who shall ask.

~ maverick10,
First Knight, DODGE*

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell

Editor, eI&TW

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