Destination: The Presidency - Another Message From Badlands17

Day 650, 16:07 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Badlands17

First of all, I would like to thank my opponent, Albert Neurath, on a DAP primary race that was very clean and focused on the issues, and did not resort to personal attacks and grudges like so many political races of all sorts end up. My margin was narrow but convincing at about 57% (not counting the vote for the "other candidate"). I will be on the ballot as the DAP candidate, and there is a chance I will have no opponents at all, although Vikta said the FUP will try to find someone to run against me. I will probably come out with my VP pick and my cabinet picks in the coming days. I will likely resign from my position at the Social Office upon my ascension to the presidency, and that position will be open if elected, as well as the Minister of Defense position that was vacated by Gustavius earlier today. These positions will likely be filled by eThai and/or minority party members as keeping to my promise, as well as potentially some replacements. These decisions will be tough, so I will probably need a lot of time to consider them. My positions are found in <a href=>my campaign article for the primary</a>, as well as the log of the debate between Albert and I found <a href=>here</a>, so I don't have much else to say except to vote for me on September 5th! 🙂

- Badlands17, Minister of Social Affairs and Education, three term congressman, and presidential hopeful