Policy, philosophy, and platitudes: A message from Badlands17

Day 645, 22:41 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Badlands17
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Just noting, I finally took the time to actually have my own newspaper. In the past I have used my org newspaper that I share with Aries Longfellow. I figured it would help identify me better than a signature at the end of the article.

But on to business.

eFRoSEA is bursting with potential at this particular moment. eThai and eMalaysians are beginning to adjust to eachothers' presences on the political scene. The baby boom members are now about a week old; as they gain further experience, they will begin to be involved in our political process. However, this potential could just as easily fall into a chaotic void, where the best result would be the dissolution of the union, or we could grow and prosper into a stronger nation that continues to make its citizens enjoy this game.

eRepublik's most compelling aspect that separates it from the pack is its functionality as a social tool; no one has had a remotely full experience playing this game unless they make plenty of friends along the way. Much like the way it is in real life, the most important part of being a leader is to make contact with people. I am generally available every day, and as president, will be ready and willing to answer questions, address issues, and serve the people of eFRoSEA.

With that said, I can promise these things:

Better representation of minority parties and eThai.
When we're trying to get things done, the last thing we need is an "us v. them" mentality perpetuated by the existence of two prominent parties or eNationalities. People are often discouraged from joining the political parties smaller than the DAP and FUP because of their lack of political options in those parties as well; the eThai/eMalaysia issue just needs a lot of care and understanding from both sides. I will get at least one minority party member and one more eThai to join my cabinet if elected; ideally we should have more.

Caving on the Q5 hospital issue in former eThailand if that's what the majority wants.
I don't personally agree with it, but I wish to be a representative of the people and see its advantages. We will put a Q5 hospital in a former eThai region as long as it passes congressional muster, which I am fairly certain it will.

Listening to and analyzing all suggestions brought to me by citizens.
I don't care who you are; I am supposed to represent you even if you did not vote for me. I will listen to my friends, enemies, DAP members, FUP members, eMalaysians, eThais and everyone in between.

Assist Gustavius, our Minister of Defense, in constructing and funding our army.
Our central bank will likely have over 600 gold after everyone donates their congressional gold (which I did; so should you if you haven't). With our power and money ever increasing, the time is now to build our army and more actively participate in world affairs; we would still maintain neutrality of course. We aren't so weak and vulnerable anymore, and it's time we make a name for ourselves on the international stage.

Having a strong laissez-faire economy with government interference only when it is clearly harmful to not intervene.
Companies typically want to invest in more here than we can support. We should take advantage of the high wages and low prices that come with this, and not try to restrain them, unless it leads to an event like a lack of Q1 food or gifts, in which case government action would be taken. If they're smart, they will eventually shut down an unprofitable company. If they're not, then we should collectively point and say "haha!" as all their wealth is drained.

Keeping Nagyzee as Minister of Finance.
Nagyzee's monetary policies are likely among the most sound in the eWorld, and brought eMalaysia and eFRoSEA a long way economically. We should continue to take advantage of his wise and resourceful economic advice. Not like other cabinet members haven't done a great job, but this the one no-brainer, must-have person we need to keep in the cabinet. Obviously Nagyzee would need to agree, but I have no indication he would turn this down. 🙂

I may not have all the experience in the world under my belt, but I have been elected to Congress three times in this country and one time in eLithuania, am Minister of Social Affairs and Education, and the most important part of all, know many of the people in the community and am readily available to anyone who might not know me very well. Feedback please; I would love to answer your questions! Don't forget to vote for me! 😉