The Sexy is Back: Fighting for Freedom and the Little Guy

Day 643, 15:56 Published in South Africa Sweden by Jizzie McGuire

Yes, you heard me right. Ol' Jizzer is back in the eSA to help fight against that fanatic Ajay Bruno and his CDA as they awkwardly attempt to take over our beloved eSA. If you don't believe me and still question what I stand for, then watch this:

Just think of The Dignity Brigade as an eR version of the famed OSI, as seen in the video above. We are here to fight for freedom and protect small nations from imperialism and exploitation. You can read more about the Dignity "bunch" here: If you like what you see, pm me or our org and we'll give you our forum link. Many of eSA's oldest and most experienced soldiers and politicians have joined our ranks, making us a force to be reckoned with.

Considering our mission, which is to spread freedom throughout the eWorld, my stay in eSA must be sexy but short. However, my boys and I will do our utmost to save eSA from the extremist Bruno and his party of goons. Though we have had our differences in the past, the DB and I support Ines Schumacher's government and are cooperating with her administration to keep eSA free. Though many of you have seen this before, here is the list of eSA candidates that have been endorsed by President Schumacher, myself, and other former eSA presidents as well as long-time eSA citizens. I encourage everyone to vote for these candidates:

For United South Africa party:
Ali Mentary
Steven Bosch
Jan Olivier
Mark Morcom

For Gold party:
Lucien Morjuet
Enoch Root

You can follow the progress of our heroes here:

Now I must return to the trenches and prepare for tomorrows battle at the polls. I hope to see you all there, my old friends. Stay sexy eSouth Africa.