Crazy Quilt Lady for Congress

Day 641, 21:04 Published in Australia Australia by Crazy Quilt Lady

I have been an active citizen of eAustralia since I moved to New South Wales from California back in December. At the time the Australian economy was still getting back on its feet after gaining independence. I was warned not to come with such low skill levels, but I still came. I came because I wanted to live in a land of opportunity where politics were friendly and economic growth was around the corner. Not for a day have I regretted that decision, and considering the fate of the eUSA, it was a wise decision.

I have since acquired three businesses in Australia and have established myself as a small business person. Having three businesses may not seem small, but they are all low quality. As such I have been friend to the new player. I have provided training jobs, I have given financial advice, instructed on how to fight to gain Wellness, and I have spent much of my company profits on Gifts and Food to help these new Citizens get up to fighting Wellness.

In the past 8 months I have remained silent feeling that business should not get involved in politics. Personally, I have espoused Socialist values. And I have been pleased to see the Australian government doing what I myself have done with my businesses. I have decided to run for Congress now because I now see the world changing. Australia is set in a precarious position. Depending on our actions now, we could thrust ourselves into the limelight of world power, or become a conquered nation once more.

As Congresswoman for Queensland I promise to push for the following measures:
1. Criteria for granting Australian Citizenship to refugees. Granting citizenship to anyone seeking asylum may be an act of kindness, but it is opening Australia up to a potential PTO. Criteria for Citizenship will help assure we don't get PTO'd.
2. Forming closer bonds of trade with our close friend, eMalaysia. Malaysia is rich in two Raw Materials we are not: Wood and Oil. Oil from Malaysia will end our dependence upon Indonesian exports thus finally cutting our economic ties to our former overlords. Cheaper Wood from Malaysia will be a boon to our Housing Industry and help us build another Hospital cheaper.
3. Increasing funding for our armed forces. The ACUK needs government-owned companies to provide them with Weapons, Food, and Moving Tickets. Sending them to fight anonymously in the growing tide of Resistance Wars will both speed up their training, and espouse world freedom. Providing for the needs of our armed forces will can then be used as a recruitment tool to attract new recruits, both in the form of new players, and refugees who have military experience defending their former homelands.
4. Create Gifting Partnerships between citizens of Queensland. And if you are unable to give as much as your Gifting Partner has given you, I will Gift you the difference!

I hope you, the people of Queensland, will vote for me for Queen... I mean, Congresswoman. As a member of the Australian Independents (formerly the Australian Independent Party) I will represent you, and not the controllers of any political machine.

Crazy Quilt Lady
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