eRepublik Service on Rizon IRC Network

Day 640, 03:41 Published in USA USA by Rizon IRC Network


Rizon is pleased to announced the 1.0 beta release of our eRepublik bot service. Any channel, nation or group on Rizon is eligible to try our new service and we hope you will provide us with valuable feedback on what to add next.

The 1.0 feature set is as follows:
-- channel founders --
/msg eRepublik request #yourchannel
/msg eRepublik remove #yourchannel

-- in channel --
.lookup username - display information about a user
.lookup Zion I
[eRepublik] Zion I - Country: Croatia - Region: Slavonia - Level: 15 - Wellness: 100.0 - Strength: 4.68 - Rank: Lieutenant

.battle # - display information about active battle (lags a little, be patient after issuing command)
.battle 7251
[eRepublik] Battle | in region Samogitia between countries: Lithuania and Latvia, 315116/3600 - Battle expires in 8 hours and 34 minutes

.bestprice type quality country - provides the best price information
.bestprice weapon 1 Russia
[eRepublik] Best price of Weapon Q1 in Russia - Seller: Q1 Weapon Factory - Quantity: 29 - Price: 3.7673 RUB

items you can check: Food, Weapon, Hospital, System, Ticket, House, Gift, Iron, Grain, Diamonds, Wood, Oil

Feedback requested in channel #Zion or via, Thanks!