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8th Issue - Interview with CP candidate Joshua Morriseau!!

Day 1,872, 08:00 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Gepard007

Interview with Joshua Morriseau. Our CP candidate:

1. Can you introduce yourself to ourselves (past achievements, how long have you been playing this game, etc.)

1. OK so to start off I was born in Bolivia June 23rd of 2010 so Ive been around a while (only level 33 cant you tell Ive never bought gold 😛) I have held many positions in government before. First for Bolivia I was...
x1 Party Leader (Bolivia Primera)
x1 Congress
Deputy MoFA
Ambassador to Australia, Canada, UK, USA, South Africa and Singapore. At one point I was Ambassador to all at once.
x3Chief of English Speaking Nations. This position may sound confusing but it was the MoFA. So despite what you may of read from opposition members I have been a Minister. In Bolivia at the time we had a Chief of Spanish Speaking Nations who deal with obviously the Spanish speaking nations while I was in charge of running things with every other country that spoke English and anyone else who didn't speak Spanish.
Representative to Sol. I was our first and only Representative to Sol from the time of us entering Sol till the alliance disbanded. I think this experience definitely sets me apart as I have the experience of dealing with a major alliance. I made our decisions and voted on our behalf in all votes and so forth.
I also ran once for CP

For Netherlands
x3 Party Leader (GPN)
x3 Congress
x2 ssMoFA
As well I might add I was offered VCP once but turned it down as well I turned down offers 3 times from ElGorro, Missingo and van Spijck to become the MoFA.

2. I heard you are running for CP elections. Why did you decide to run for it?

2. This is a very important question and Im glad you asked it. Ive decided to run for President because we need to change the way we are doing things. We have tried the RW's and they have failed. Now its time we have someone who is serious about negotiating a deal with Poland so we can free ourselves and that person is me. I will do anything I can to see us back on the map, that is my goal. I also think that now as more of our experienced members are leaving us it is important the younger generation step up, and I am very happy to grab the reins and lead the charge.

3. How do you see our current situation concerning eNL and EDEN?

3.Right now Im not exactly happy with EDEN but I think that we have a very good chance to not just improve our status in EDEN but help to improve and grow the alliance. We have a rare opportunity with van Spijck in EDEN now and I won't waste that chance. I will not waste our time and energy trying to build new worldly alliances but instead focus our energy on maintaining a healthy relationship with EDEN while continuing to fight for our brothers.

4. What do you think of TWO. Can we beat them?

4. Like most people I don't like TWO. Its the same old thing we have seen time and time again. The bigger nations get together and bully the rest of us. It needs to be stopped and Its a long shot but I think we can do it. First thing we need to do is make sure that the reforms pass in EDEN smoothly and that we help rebuild the alliance to what it once was so we can take TWO on.

5. Do you see the way out of our occupation? What would you do if you become our new CP?

5. I would immediately start negotiations. Just because last terms CP wouldn't listen doesn't mean this terms will. I want to move for a peaceful transition to see us back on the map. We don't have much bargaining power with TWO but if EDEN's reforms work and the alliance gets more powerful then we will. However as I said in my last article If Poland won't come to the table to discuss our occupation then we will have no choice but to continue coordinated RW's with our allies and try to liberate a region for next Congress elections.

6. What about the eNL population? Many Dutch I know play online games but somehow we can't raise the population in eRepublik. Why do you think it is so?

6. From my understanding the Netherlands used to have a big population but not so much now. I think this can be attributed to the RL low population of the Netherlands. I think that we need to bring RL terms into this. Many countries in erepublik have a bigger population than us such as USA, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Russia and many more. But what do they all have in common? They all have bigger populations in RL to.

7. What should we do to raise our population?

7. I think that the hardest thing in our way right now is our occupation. People are leaving because they get bored and that is our biggest threat. All our new babies are being born in an occupied Netherlands which isn't good. Once we come back to the map I can see our population improving.

8. Any other problems you would like to point out?

8. One of the other problems that we had most recently was a huge division in Congress. It has quieted down a bit now and it isn't as much of an issue but it was definitely a factor. GPN and opposition clashed on many things which is fine thats what happens in all governments but things started to get personal and thats where we need to draw the line. We cannot get personal in our motives because then we will all lose. Even though I may fight politically with opposition members I consider many of them my friends and thats whats important and what we need to remember. Many have already said they will join me in the government if I win which I am very happy about.

Thanks guys for taking your time to read this and don't forget to vote!




Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,872, 08:23

Thanks Gepard!

Gepard007 Day 1,872, 10:05

You're welcome Joshua 🙂 Thanks for doing the interview with me 🙂

Shtula Day 1,872, 11:49

Nice article,nice interview : )

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,872, 11:55

Nice article, now win this elections!

Gepard007 Day 1,872, 11:56

Thanks Shtula 🙂

Gepard007 Day 1,872, 11:57

Thanks Meisje 🙂

Schoft Day 1,872, 21:18

What should we do to raise our population? > we cant trick them into joining with RL rivalry we do not have a Serbian Kosovo syndrome or Indonesian/Malaysian issues and Chile got a Baby Boom when they where conquered by Argentina. Maybe the moment Germany invades the Netherlands but that's about it.

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