A Peace Treaty: To Whom it May Concern

Day 635, 08:56 Published in USA USA by Emerick

As of 18:00 eRepublik time, congress has passed a peace treaty, viewable <a href=http://docs.google.com/View?id=dt29hcw_0ckqqwh2d>here</a>.

Is this the end of the war? No. It's the end of battles in the US, but we'll still be fighting in Spain, Greece, and any other country whose freedom Peace decides to subjugate. This treaty doesn't stop us from fighting for our allies at all, it's a simple end of aggression, non-aggression pact, and peace treaty. This treaty does not make us Peace puppets or pawns in any way. I want to make that clear. Our MPP's are ours to use, and we will in no way be forced to sign or not sign any MPP we wish to.

Key points of the treaty
-We will be giving California and Hawaii to Indonesia, and Alaska to Hungary. The fine for re-acquiring these regions is 5000g.
-All other regions will be purchased from their current holder at the following rate: 300g for high raw material regions, and 200g for all others.
-We have 4 months to pay all fees and fines.
-We will sign peace with France, Portugal, Indonesia, Russia, and Hungary.
-We will have a four month non-aggression pact with those same countries.

This is a somber, yet liberating day for us. Yes, we lost a war, and yes, we'll have to pay reparations to Peace, but the war in the America is over, and we'll be able to focus our efforts elsewhere. From now on, the full force of the United States will be spent on our allies. Citizens, subscribe to the <a href=http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/dod-orders-194506/1>DoD Orders</a> for citizen orders. You'll find orders for the day with a link to the battle you need to fight in.

Without a doubt, this has been the hardest decision that any government has had to make in America, possibly in eRepublik. I'm not happy about it, but I'm sure that it's the best decision. As much as I'd love to go on fighting, possibly to the bitter end, this is the best choice for us and our allies. Up until now, we've been splitting our forces between two battles at home and a few abroad every day. Right now, there are two wars overseas that we haven't been able to throw our full force into for several reasons. Now we can. Also, we've lost all our major raw material companies, and a lot of our manufacturing and construction companies. Our economy is in the toilet, and it would cost a lot of money(resistance war costs plus tanking) to get them back. And that's not even touching on the fact that Peace could just declare a battle against them to get them back again. Which brings me to one of the biggest reasons I decided to go with the treaty. I can deal with losing it all and RWing the country back. We'd go out in a bang, and with honor. That's an end I could be happy with, but that's assuming that Peace decided to attack our two tower states. If they decided to leave one or both of them, we would be pretty stuck. Our economy wouldn't generate nearly the amount of revenue required to fight a full-scale assualt, and any time we freed a region, it would be subject to attack. At least if we were completely conquered, Peace would lose their MPP's.

So while I'm not proud to say it, we've decided to sign peace with our aggressors.

What do we do now? Continue to fight for our proud allies, and rebuild our nation. In the next 48 hours, we'll set free a number of states that will have significant economic impact on us. We'll begin to see large figures coming in again, our job market should begin to see more jobs, and the US dollar will begin to stabilize. The mentor program will begin tomorrow, and our military will continue to train as well. For the remainder of my term, we will organize ourselves to create a better country, a nation that works together towards a common purpose - a quality country with the ability to stand up for our allies and ourselves. Never again will we be oppressed by outside forces. For the next three weeks, I will lay the foundation for us to build a stronger, more competent America that will finally be a true force in the world. These are dark days for people of free nations. The Peace Empire has wrapped her tentacles around the world and is attempting to squeeze the life out of her. We must persevere.

Regrettably signed,
President Emerick

Treaty FAQ
We're Peace puppets now.
You have no idea what you're talking about. In no way, shape, or form are we puppets of anyone. That's clear propaganda. We make our own allies, fight our own battle, and elect our own representatives.

What if I randomly start a RW and it wins, will we get it for free?
No. Regardless of who started the resistance, we will owe the same amount when it's freed

This treaty will leave us economically crippled, as we pour more and more money into Peace
Nope. Do you know how much money we give to Peace by having our companies in their regions? California alone lost us 17k USD a day in taxes, and might give Indo about half as much at this point. We're already giving them money right now, at least with the treaty, we don't have to give them anything for 4 months, and who knows who they'll be allied with by then?

The US definitely makes more money than it loses with the treaty, and that does help us and our allies a lot more than we're doing right now.

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