Organizing America

Day 632, 12:47 Published in USA USA by Emerick

My people, we need help. But Jesus only helps those who help themselves, so we need to reach down inside of each other and fix this situation.

This war. If this war has taught us one thing, it's that aren't what we thought. We aren't as strong, we aren't as prepared, and we're not as well put together as we thought. Well, I don't think anyone really thought we were really organized, but we all hoped we were. We were living on hopes and expectations, a lot of them bred from real life, and some of them from the assumption that no one would open up battles with some one with 15 MPP's. The plain truth is that we weren't ready for an invasion. I aim to change that.

When I first started this game, America wasn't anything special. We were #8 or so on the population list. I would read the articles in foreign countries, mostly European, and laugh at how silly they were, fighting amongst themselves. "Don't they realize," I thought, "that there's a whole world out there to compete with?" Then we started getting more population, and political harmony ended. A group started a party, and decided that they wanted to be the most powerful and greatest party in the US. The forecast was for massive storms across the country. And so they ensued. For months afterward, this party clawed its way to the top, overreaching federal programs the whole way up. For some reason, this party cared about becoming mayors, a mostly useless occupation in beta. I mention this, not to call anyone out, but to explain the beginning of party politics in the US. I'm not going to say the name of the party, and I ask that no one mention it in the comments, if they know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to make a point here. We used to be Team America. In the last dozen months, Team America broke up and started side projects, and we all know how side projects turn out.

We've been chaotic for far too long. We've had our fun, we've had our Ajay and Lewis(heil the Savior), now we need to get down to serious business. This is not a game. Gone are the days of petty squabbling amongst ourselves, chaos in the streets, cats and dogs living with each other. We need to organize if we want to succeed at anything, America.

I'm bringing Team America back

I'm expanding the mentor program to at least 100 mentors. Soon, they'll start mass messaging the country, getting in touch with all Americans level 14 and under, and helping them in any way they can. This is Americans for Americans. Mentors are friends who teach people the ins and outs of eRepublik, answer their questions regarding game mechanics and current events, listen to their ideas, encourage their good ones, point them to all the important venues in eRepublik(forums, wiki, the military, and other good sites), and help them to become the best eRepublik player they can. I've personally been a mentor to dozens of eRepublik players on my own, as I'm sure most of us have, and I still help noobs to this day. This is something that is very important, as the benefit of one player helping another is without parallel.

We need more mentors. If you fancy yourself a quality player with a good overall knowledge of the game and knowledge of the venues to increase your knowledge, then <a href=>sign up</a> to become a mentor.

Americans, your country needs you. The benefits of this program are astounding, as you may soon find out.

Of course, I'm not going to say that Big Brother knows all and discount any other organizational groups. If mainstream isn't your thing, then you might want to try out some underground resistance groups like eNOVA by Ananias, or POTATOE by Lefty from Mulberry St. They're not officially endorsed or funded by the US government, but if it's your style, then by all means. Their goals aren't too far removed from our official goals.

Other News
If you haven't yet, read <a href=>this account</a> of yesterday's battles by Co-XO of the Marines, Lucius Varenus. It explains how I tried to gain tactical advantage in the war against Portugal, but was bugged out by this wonderful war module.

Greece is doing great at keeping Turkey at bay at the moment. They've regained all of their regions but the Aegean Islands. This is awesome. Good luck to our brothers in Greece

If you're not in Florida or New Jersey right now, pm the <a href=>Flying Unicorn</a> for a moving ticket.

A lot of people have asked about the falling monetary market. I have a small team of monex experts playing with the market throughout the day, trying to stabilize it as much as possible. We can't completely fix it without restoring confidence in the USD or without spending thousands of gold, but we're doing what we can.

Lowell Kennedy put out an awesome <a href=>noob FAQ</a>. Read it.

The Allies have a <a href=>newspaper now</a>. Subscribe to it.

<a href=>What did you learn tonight?</a>