The Time is Not Now

Day 631, 18:07 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

I am in the belief that as of now we should not be in eCanada. I love eCanada and I fought everyday to defend her but as of right now living there is just not a smart viable option. For starters no hospital at all. To keep resisting PEACE day to day we need a hospital. To keep gaining experience we need to fight pretty basic stuff here i know but how can these blind fools want us to race back to canada with a couple open provinces the cons just outweigh the pros.

Canada's citizens have been scattered and are following more that one figurehead at this point. Hell I'm one of them I put my trust in Bruck and am hoping for the best. But i think the diffrent leaders of these diffrent grps need to come together and start working together on a united plan for the benefit of all eCanada.

Until there is an overall plan I ask anyone willing that wants to follow a good leader with lots of experience to join the Brucks canucks resistance movement. Anyone that is intrested can just pm me and no matter what your circumstances of where u are or your current state of wellness
(I know there are many walking wounded below 40 wellness) and we'll help you out. I'll personally work with ya 1 on 1 and get you signed into the Canucks. We offer aid with food and tickets. Currently the govt is silent and I know that a great majority of canadians are bogged down protecting investments in Spain. If you want a chance to make a diffrence and get back on your feet and stick it to PEACE get in touch. I hope to hear from you

Resistance officer of Brucks Canucks