Say hello to your government

Day 629, 16:00 Published in USA USA by Emerick
Hello, my people

Five days after my election, I have a finalized cabinet for you to peruse at your leisure. Here it is, arranged by department:

My job is to oversee the entire executive branch, be the top diplomat, and act as the dear leader of of the people of the country. This month, I will be overseeing many programs listed below, as well as continuing to fight our war to my administration's full ability while continuing negotiations with Peace, to find a competent solution.

Vice President
<a href=>PigInZen</a>
My vice president will have a much larger role in the administration than past presidents'. Pig will be my right hand man, my chief adviser, and take over my roles should I ever be away. I chose him because he's furiously organized, which compliments me perfectly, since my mind is a mess. It's always busy, but if I leave it unchecked, it'll inevitably wind up on boobs and masturbation jokes. For that reason, Pig is my perfect mate.

Grand Vizier
<a href=>Publius</a>
Publius has been an integral part of the US for a while now. As a senator, his economic expertise was often key in many proposals, and he has been a top adviser to every president since Uncle Sam's second term. During Uncle Sam's second term, he held the negotiations with Mexico that led to the peace treaty that President scrabman signed early in his first term. A renaissance man, he has been a personal adviser of sorts to me for months, some one whose advice I sought for a plethora of reasons, and whose advise will be instrumental in my administration. If you use FireFox. download Publius's <a href=>Order Broadcast System</a>.

<a href=>DesertFalcon</a>
DesertFalcon was my vice presidential choice last month, and he makes his return in my administration as a vizier. His words are always well thought-out and logical, and he makes them heard whether you like them or not. I have always admired DesertFalcon from afar for his blunt honesty and and fine assessments.

<a href=>Harrison Richardson</a>
I've always liked Harrison, even though I hardly agreed with him during scrabman's presidency. He, a USWPer, living a privileged life, and I, a common Libertarian. We disagreed on many issues. When I joined his administration last month, I found that our goals were similar, only our means were different. We found common ground, and I grew to respect him. His negotiation skills, I found, were quality, and I will use him at the negotiation table in our continued conversations with Peace.

Chief of Staff
<a href=>Gaius Julius</a>
The Chief of Staff's job is to maintain order. Gaius helps me create a daily agenda for the cabinet every day. Acting as a cabinet whip, he beats these kids until they get stuff done. Gaius has been an important figure in American politics for a while now, having been Party President of the Federalists for several terms and creating RightCon, a coalition of right wing parties. After playing in party politics for a few months, Julius stepped into international politics when he became Harrison Richardon's Deputy CoS. He's a dedicated leader with a lot of ideas, and has already contributed greatly to the administration.

Deputy Chief of Staff
<a href=>Daphne Lilac</a>
Often called the mother of America, Lilac was an integral part of the country last year. During the CanAm war, she almost single-handedly built our military, laying the foundations for what we have now. Last summer, she served as Chief of Staff and Vice President. She took a break from eRepublik near the end of last year, and now she's back in full force.

Department of State
Secretary of State
<a href=>LexLuther1</a>
Lex is a rising figure in America. I don't remember the paper, but two months ago there was a name-recognition poll, and Lex ranked up in the same area as Harrison Richardson and I. I didn't know him at the time, but once I met him, I understood how he's made such an impression in the country in his short time here. The kid's a diplomat through and through, and great at it. On top of that, he served as chair of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee for two terms. He knows his way around the world. He's going places, America, keep your eye on this one.

Deputy Secretary of State
<a href=>Wade Seagrave</a>
Mr Seagrave has taken the position as Head of Ambassadorial Affairs for several months now. When he assumed the position, he revamped the program by cleaning out inactive ambassadors, and requiring a weekly report from his ambassadors, giving the Secretary of State a good overview of the state of the world. He is doubling as the DSoS and HAA this month until goaly1323, his successor, is ready to take the AHAA seat.

Intelligence Department
Secretary of Intelligence
<a href=>Canni</a>
Canni is a dedicated member of the US Army who is adept with intelligence matters. As head of the department, he'll be organizing intelligence matters and cracking the whip on intel guys.

Citizen Task Force
<a href=>Woxan</a>
Woxan is an active player and all around cool guy. Though usually a spah, he doubles as a counter-intelligence agent, preforming background checks on citizens seeking US citizenship.

Department of Defense
Secretary of Defense
<a href=>Josh Frost</a>
A charismatic man who is often described as a womanizer, Frost has been an important figure in the military for months. Though a bit of a rouge, but built the Air Force, our former anti-take over squad, from the ground up. The man is a drunk, a fiend, and a heavy smoker. He is the perfect face for the military.

Deputy Secretary of Defense
<a href=>Chris Willson</a>
Deputy Secretary Willson is a highly active and motivated member of the US. He's been involved in the Airborne, and is now in the Marines. He will be supporting Secretary Frost in his duties while contributing his own, and is also now heading the Citizen Emergency Moving Program. If you're a former American living under Peace occupation or fear that you soon will be, contact Willson via the <a href=>Flying Unicorn</a>.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Joint Chiefs of Staff is comprised of the general of each branch of our military. They meet on a daily basis to discuss war plans and tactics. Up until this month, the chiefs were led by a central chair, Eugene Harlot, until he recently stepped down. Leroy Combs quietly took his place for the remainder of Richardson's term. When I was elected, he informed me that he would not be reprising his role. In a meeting with the joint chiefs, it was decided that it would probably be best that we not fill the chair position at this point. The chiefs thought that the position wasn't completely necessary, and they don't want to overburden a third person with heading the entire military during the largest war in eRepublik history. You can see the fruits of their labor in the daily civilian orders, issued by the <a href=>Official DoD Paper</a>.

In order of strength requirement for their branch, the leaders of our military divisions are:

<a href=>qn20</a> - US Marine Corps
<a href=>Maxmillian VonWillebrand</a> - Airborne
<a href=>Knojerakk</a> - The Army
<a href=>Sir Valaro Volcrum</a> - Mobile Infantry
<a href=>ssomo</a> - The Home Guard
<a href=>Dczip</a> - US Training Division

These are the men who lead our men. Salute.

Department of Interior
Secretary of Interior
<a href=>SirEkim</a>
SirEkim has been an important part of the DoI for a while now, having headed Meals on Wheels, M*A*S*H, and Citizen Affairs until last month. He also created the Pony Express. This month, he's working on recruitment again, revamping Pony Express, and helping with the expansion of the Mentor Program. He is also a <a href=>Golden Horseshoe</a> laureate.

Secretary of Citizens Affairs
<a href=>Jasper Ferguson</a>
Ferguson almost became Speaker of the House in last month's congress. Luckily he didn't, and he's been free to work on recruitment for the mentor program and recruitment for the game.

Secretary of Education
<a href=>Bill Brasky</a>
Bill Brasky, a ten foot tall beast man, has almost single-handedly run the mentor program for months. He's mentored countless Americans into maturity, and continues to be dedicated to it. With his assistance, we will be expanding the mentor program to reach out to Americans, rather than wait for them to come to us.

Communication Department
Communication Director/White House Press Secretary
<a href=>mjdiv</a>
mjdiv is the second Director of Communications and White House Press Secretary in US history. The position was created by President scrabman. It was originally filled by Ms Claire Littleton, who stepped down after scrabman's second reelection. Subscribe to <a href=>The Briefing Room</a> to keep up with official US press releases.

Please subscribe to my cabinet members' newspapers if you would like to see updates on their departments.

In other news
Yesterday was a great day to be a citizen of the Allies. Greece defeated the Turk invaders in Central Greece, and Canada regained their existence by starting several resistance wars in the United Kingdom. Make a note here: GREAT SUCCESS. Many of the allied soldiers are still completely trashed after the <a href=>huge party</a> in Canada last night. Stateside, we won some and we lost some. As I said in my inaugural address, I'm continuing talks with Peace, and deferring to congress about it. When we have news to release about them, we will.

Yang Wenli made a really nice map of the US recently. Look at it.

Also, I want to extend my welcome to Travis Granger and his army of 300. Welcome, guys.

If you want to help out your country in any way, I recommend that you become a mentor. Contact Jasper Ferguson to apply. Greatness starts at the bottom up, and you can help. Our citizens need help, and the assistance that one citizen gets from another is without parallel. I've seen it in my life and others. Regular citizens is what makes a country, this is a known fact. <a href=>If you see something, say something.</a>