Inaugural Address

Day 625, 20:27 Published in USA USA by Emerick
Hello, my friends. Thank you, everyone who decided to vote me into the presidency. I didn't expect that. Seriously. I was expecting to come in second to Harrison Richardson again and be Secretary of State this month. I didn't have much of a cabinet planned outside of my vice president, PigInZen. Thankfully though, I had enough forethought to pick such an intelligent and coordinated vice president, and we spent a few hours yesterday filling out the cabinet. I've put together a team of the best citizens in the United States to work towards a better future for us all. I'll have the finalized cabinet for you tomorrow.

Now some meat
As the <a href=>latest eRepublik insider</a> said, these are hard times. Not just for us, United States, but for all our allies. We've been cornered. The past administration, with me, has been working with minds from all of our allies to try to win this war. So far we have not been successful. At one point, I reached out to Peace to discuss a <a href=>peace treaty</a>. After negotiations, the terms that we settled on were: Indonesia would keep Hawaii and California; we would pay 300g per region freed; declare peace with every Peace country except France; and a 4 month NAP with every country attacking us except France. Canada's terms were: Peace would keep every region in Canada that had any high raw materials; Canada would pay 150g per region freed; peace with every attacking country; and 4 a month NAP with every attacking country. When we presented these results to congress on July 29, it was overwhelmingly turned down, as our senators said, "NUTS!"

For better or worse, we are still at war with three Peace countries at the same time. As I said in my <a href=>campaign speech</a>, this is serious business. No joke. I still want every one of you to take some time out to seriously think about the war. Look at maps, read the wiki, or just sit back and think. Consider the predicament we're in, consider every possibility you can muster, and follow them through to their conclusion. Ask yourself: What will we do if we're conquered? Alternatively: What are the international repercussions of signing peace?

I've asked myself, my cabinet, and my colleagues these questions hundreds of times. I have a few answers, but it's important that you come up with your own answers. Get on <a>the US forum</a> and talk to your fellow citizens. Decide what you want to do, and write about it. Be thoughtful, sincere, and for god's sake, be intelligent.

This war sucks major ass. No doubt about it. Our next moves are the most important moves in US history. How does that make you feel? Excited? Frustrated? Angry? Depressed?

What will we become?

Here are some plans for us
We need to organize. The biggest complaint about the US, from both within and without, is that we're crazy as ass. We spend most of our time fighting amongst ourselves about the stupidest, pettiest crap. scrabman called an entire party "butthole hater trolls". What the hell is wrong with you? Our alliance had fallen apart, it was a time when we should have been reaching out and solidifying relationships while coming together for our own security, and you decide to dedicate an entire article to waving your balls-oh wait, I'm doing it now. See? This is what we are. It's one thing to be individualistic, but another to be clawing at everyone who glances in your direction. America, we need to come together as one over something.

In an attempt to congeal our populous, I've decided to expand the mentor program, which has been run by Bill Brasky for months. Until now, the mentor program has been a link on the welcoming message. It's been a success, but to a point. There has never been a lot of mentees in the program, and some citizens disregard the welcoming message as spam from the admin. Further, many citizens quit after a day or two, feeling that the game is "weird", "stupid", "gay", or "boring". I think that the initial idea intrigues a lot of people, but some somewhat awkward mechanics confuse and enrage newcomers. Me, I quit the game for a month when I first started. If it weren't for an email about a post in some thread about Dio Brando, I wouldn't be playing anymore. Therefore, to increase our retention, attention, participation, and cooperation, the mentor program is going to start messaging new citizens very soon. A change from the old, "wait for them to come to you", we're going to restart an old strategy that hasn't been in effect since last summer.

On a sad note
Unfortunately, Canada was overrun by the Peace army today. The allied forces fought gallantly for five hours into overtime. It was a battle to watch. The wall was almost down - at 6,000 - near the end of the initial 24 hours. The allies began attacking, and raised the wall tens of thousands of points in the next hour or so. The wall topped off in the rural area, and then Peace sent their tanks. Over the next few hours, the allies and and Peace fought for control. In the end, Peace pushed it down.

Canadians, we've been close allies for a long time. We've fought and bled together, and now, we're being attacked together. Personally, I've had a great interest in your country, especially during the Sutler months last summer. I had a little media rivalry with Banach for a long time, since we had a lot in common - we were both born around the same time and we both had papers of which focused on international affairs. It was fun to have some one to compare myself to and to check my progress against. I always ask about Banach whenever I talk to a Canadian.

Canada, we went from bitter enemies to allies in just a few short months. I've always held our alliance close to my heart. As crazy as it sounds, if there was one country I could choose to go down with, it's you.

Today, we shed a tear for Canada

I have given the Canadian people asylum in the United States. I told Jacobi that him and his bros can crash at our place until they get back on their feet. Guys, give them a warm welcome. Mi casa es su casa~
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