[GOV] The Union of Malaysia and Thailand is being born

Day 622, 14:36 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Prime Minister's Department

First let me welcome all Thai citizens in the newly formed union of Malaysia and Thailand. I very much hope that you'll feel this union your home just as much as you did with Thailand. I'm very sorry that this drastic measure had to be made, but because of the PTO Thailand suffered this seemed the best choice. This merger was requested by Albert Neurath, president of Thailand and as far as I know was discussed and supported in the Thai community. This is in no way a hostile attack and the intention is to build a peaceful and prosperous union together.

We will have a lot of things to iron out to make this union work for the satisfaction of both countries and communities but you can count on us trying our very best. Now onto the most pressing matters:

The war

The last region couldn't be retreated so it has to be taken in a 24 hours long battle. I'd like to ask all Thai citizens who are already on the territory of the union to travel to Peninsular Malaysia where we have a q5 hospital and fight from there for our union. More detailed instructions can be found in the newspaper of the Ministry of Defence: HERE.

If you need one please feel free to request a moving ticket under this article!


Unfortunately the hospitals and defense systems of Thailand were destroyed in the merger. For now I'd like to ask every citizen to travel to Peninsular Malaysia as the region has a q5 hospital so from there you can fight with maximum efficiency and thus develop the fastest.
If the union proves stable enough in the following weeks and if the Thai citizens decide to remain in the union then I'm sure that Thailand will have a high quality hospital again in a few weeks.

Monetary market, MYR supplies

The monetary market of the MYR has completely dried up which might cause serious problems, especially to the Thai citizens and businesses. A proposal has been submitted about issuing 20000 MYR which will hopefully solve the problem. The aim is to keep the MYR at the 1 MYR = 0.01 gold exchange rate and we will print even more if needed. Till the first proposal goes through The Central Bank of Malaysia will sell MYR directly to those in need through the donation system. If you need MYR then please send a pm to the Central Bank and donate the necessary gold (at the 0.01 gold rate) for the amount of MYR you request and you'll get MYR in return. For now the daily limits are:
- 15 MYR for citizens (for 0.15 gold)
- 250 MYR for companies (for 2.5 gold)

We are looking forward to return to normal business in 2 days hopefully.

If you are a Thai citizen or company owner and would like to get rid of your THB then please message either Albert Neurath or the Central Bank of Thailand for a possible exchange into gold.


Our congress members have a very low amount of citizenships to hand out so I ask everyone to be patient. We will do our best at handing citizenship out to Thai citizens so that they can also vote in the union. In cooperation with Albert Neurath and his advisers a list of legit Thai citizens and a blacklist of PTOers will be composed most probably. I'd like to ask the Malaysian congress members to approve citizenships with maximal cautiousness and to check out the topics on citizenship requests at the congress section of the Malaysian forums before making a decision.


The eMalaysian community is mostly English speaking just like the eThai is. So hopefully we won't have issues with a language barrier. Also ours is a friendly and open minded community with people from all over the world and I'm sure that we will get along just fine.
In order to better know each other I'd like to ask the members of the Thai community to join us also:
- at our forums: HERE.
- and in our chatroom: #erepublik.my at rizon.net

I wish all of you much success and a fun time in the Union. Let's lead Thailand and Malaysia into prosperity together!

Best regards,