Save a Citizen vol.2

Day 621, 14:55 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

Well this program I started 5 days ago is rolling along fine. Starting to get known and donations are slowly picking up. I was dragged camping this weekend by my friends so have fallen behind a bit. The partying was worth it though Oh yea.

Basically this is like the name of the article says Save a Citizen in eCanada. Either by being contacted or me doing some investigation I find suitable candidates to be saved. I'll purchase tickets to get citizen's home. Find 2 clickers that still have jobs in enemy held territories and mail them whats up and what to do. My main target it is 2 clickers that Don't know much besides working and training and slowly killing themselves . There usually under 40 wellness,active and just don't know the game. So i gift them, Buy high Q lvl food. I also talk with them one on one and give them basic advice on how to fight, heal and make there citizen self sufficient. I look at each citizen individually and send them an outline plan that together makes them a productive member of eCanada standing beside us fighting PEACE.

I'd like to thank those that believe in what this program does and have shown faith in me by donating.
-Archangel x org.
-Screaming slave
-Salvation army (LMAO am serious. I hated this place when I was a kid)
-Gabriel of Light (well he gave me a gold for my Unga Bunga joke. Pretty much a donation)
So far the program has run primarily out of my own pocket. I don't have a business or org. I'm just an average soldier-worker thats trying to make a diffrence. Without generous citizens like these this program will surely fail.

4 citizens saved
-Kilgore trout 89
-Cecil the Blackguard
Hope to see these 4 on the Battlefield defending Canada now that they can pick up a rifle.
3 citizens currently recieving help and eTraining.

Anyone that needs help feel free to msg me and I will get back to you fast. I'll start you on a path to shooting PEACE members. If ppl don't mesage me then I have to go find suitable candidates.

Thx for reading and atleast Donate a vote ya cheapskates.

Save a Citizen
Saving eCanada one Citizen at a time