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Day 618, 13:50 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

After reading Jaffle's ignorant article this eweekend I decided to print the only part he got right in it. That being the country deserves a full update.
We've been rather busy leading from the frontline and when you do so you forget the paperwork that can sometimes go as far as the tanks we supply to our soldiers.

If anyone is wondering why my friendslist was all but cleared it was because I had 4 shouts reported for vulgarity this weekend. So my solution was to purge 90% of the list. Nothing personal to anyone its just how I roll.

Act I
Asgards Defence of Norway

Why is Canada at war?
What led us to war and how did it go down?

The 100% no bs behind this was honestly defence of Norway. Course it didn't a start out like that per say. Everyone had nukes to be used from the christmas mission.
I was looking at available options and was about to Message UK's CP to see if he would be intrested in a training war. I immediately caught wind that Norway had been NE'd and although not in Asgard I knew they were a friend to Sweden and Finland.

5 minutes later I messaged both CP's of Asgard looking at options and requested the alliances permission to go to the aid of Norway. They had been discussing the very thing in HQ already and after I went to IRC approval took all of 2 minutes and a war was born.

I couldn't pass up a confrontation for the country to use its reserves in a legitimate conflict. Even if it was UK it was for reasons that were not usual. I wanted to show Asgard that we can and will when called upon.

Act II
Spain enters the war.

Basically Canada did to well against UK 1v1 and i know they had some prio but not at all sure how much and when but they fought hard at times. We went over the top with supply and mercs charging in shooting everything we could. Short lived as it was it was entertaining.

Spain decided to end our conflict with UK and we were forced to abandon all our gains in UK immediately to face the superpower. We are losing the war currently but were fighting far harder than I think Spain would give us credit for and there not close to a decisive victory.

We've been holding our own and I doubt a wipe will happen. I'm also of the personal opinion that Spain has probably had enough of the Canuck war. There defense of RW's is weak and were now at the point of losing and regaining a territory per day. I hope the trend continues.

Spain has not messaged me with any terms or conditions and I don't plan on making the first move either. A diplomate I am not and plus I'm having fun and thats what erepublik is supposed to be about. An underdog holding his own against a large foe has always been my trade. The war will continue for probably the remiander of this term. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The brightside of this war is that weve gotten alot of international attention for putting up such a stern defence of our country outnumbered 9-1. There's been times when 2-4 TWO-CoT countries have us as prio. Were talkin about some of the bigger nations as well.

On the flip side of this coin is that many EDEN nations have come to our defence for fighting so hard. Regardless of our neighbors decisions of alliance switching. We chose to remain by old friends and not take what many would see as the easy or more tactical way out.

Loyalty is rewarded.

Defence of eCanada

I am running for another term as CP and I hope to be the one leading you all through this conflict from the frontline as me and my cabinet have been doing.

The military strategy will be simple, concentrate on RW's as priority when there up to regain territories. If the perfect storm presents itself and we can steal back iniative battle orders will be in place.

Rw's in other occupied nations has already been the norm to further split Spains forces. They are down to just one Asia territory left. Portugal has been on the cusp of retaking the map several times.

Anyone who thinks this war is meaningless doesn't look beyond themselves. Look at it this way were currently tying up a top 5 nation in the world and we've won a couple battles.
Any and all of our allies surely appreciate anything we can take from Spains support of its own allied nations. Kinda like having a goon piss off a superstar and getting them both off the ice for 5.

Until then Spain is welcome to stay and fight for as long as they wish. When they want to leave I'll boot them in the ass on the way out.

Not many leaders seem to be up for the task so you may just have to suffer under another term of chaos and warfare under Rylde. Unless of course CPF gets its wish and endorses Jaffle for CP and he wins. Then godspeed to wherever that takes us.

If I'm re-elected I won't be looking for a short cut or easy way out of this war.

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