Active Citizens Do Repond [ACDR]

Day 618, 04:11 Published in India India by Internal Affairs India

Congratulations on the new Citizenship!! As we move into the new era, please take time to answer a few simple questions. If you have received this message in-game and have responded, thanks! If not, please send a private message to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (link below), with the following details. Looking forward to you cooperation!
Please note that this message is modified from the first draft that some of you recieved. Please ignore the first message and respond with the requisite details to the 2nd. Apologies for the inconvenience!

1> Are you an active citizen? Yes/No
If so, please respond for better efficiency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and to help us serve you better.

Note: Our Training Wars are on, and remember you have to be Level 5+ (Experience 25 +) and Wellness 40+ to participate. You have to be in Orissa, which has the only hospital, so please move accordingly. You do NOT have to resign from your job to move within the country.

If you are an active citizen of eIndia, you can request for help to increase your wellness, guidance on the Training Wars, or for any other matter, by messaging the Ministry of Internal Affairs @

2> Are you part of the forum? Yes/No
If not, do JOIN asap, be Active, & make yourself heard @

3> Are you subscribed to these Newspapers? Yes/No
a) Indian Armed Forces Newspaper: [For daily updates and instructions on the Training Wars]
😎 Prez Shail's:
c) ex Prez David's:
d) MoIA's:

4> Do you want a Citizen Mentor? Yes/No
If you are a new Citizen of India, you can also request a mentor, in which case a Citizen Mentor, an experienced Citizen will be assigned to you, who will guide you through eRepublik, India.

5> Do you want to be a Citizen Mentor? Yes/No
If you are an experienced citizen, and active member, and wish to be a Citizen Mentor, please do approach the Ministry. Selection will be done by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

6> Finally, if active, do you come online daily? Yes/No
Please specify a time frame (eRepublik time) when you are generally online. E.g. 02:00 to 04:00.

Thanks to all!!

On behalf of Arya
Minister of Internal Affairs,