Worst Case Scenario

Day 617, 07:29 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

Yeah if we aren't already there. My personal worst case scenario is the loss of Ontario and our country. I hope the govt has some kinda of apocalypse plan for this possible outcome if it happens at all. There should be something made available on the forums for such an occurance. If not its just gonna end up being an every man for himself type thing and we'll be scattered to the four winds as a once proud people. Many will be stuck behind enemy lines and others will flee to other countries to continue the fight which with no direction is my strategy. Better to have a plan now than everyone running around in confusion and reading the latest articles and not knowing what to do till it happens

Without any kind of clear tactical stategy put into motion I believe many will leave to fight for the cause elsewhere. I'm part of the reserves and if there was a clear plan on where to go and await resistance orders I'll do it without question.

Lets fight till the last man to keep Ontario by all means i'm just saying something for the populace and army should be let known for the what if scenario. The first step to gettin back on our feet will be organization and a quick counter to help ourselves and our allies. No panic, No insanity. The army is supposed to be organized. Every CAF and reservist soldier should know where to go and what to do if the capital falls. Lets have those choppers fueled and rdy to go because those that are to low to stay and fight should be evacuated to the states. Greatness can only be achieved through Defeat. We've been defeated alot so far so hopefully it doesn't come to this. Its time for some greatness now.