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Day 49, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear citizens,
The team is now back to full speed and we are all very keen to start fixing the major bugs in the beta and progress with the V1 of Erepublik.
Meanwhile these are the latest news form the team.
Not a happy way to start the 2008 working year: we suffered another security attack. A trojan script was uploaded on the server Sunday night (Erepublik time). The Citizens responded much faster than we did giving advice on how to avoid any problem caused by this malicious code. We resolved this problem on Monday morning and apologize if any of you had problems because of this. We will keep a close eye here to react faster if it happens again (we hope new barriers will avoid it) and will continue to fix potential security holes.
Productivity formula
User PHuSiOn9 has started a topic on the forum trying to explain the Productivity formula of the Work page. The equation presented is very close to the one that is used.
When we created the Productivity formula we wanted the following results:
- better skill in that domain => more productivity;
- higher product quality => less productivity;
- higher wellness level => more productivity;
- more employees present at work per day => more productivity (the number of employees is less important, the formula calculates each citizen productivity compared to the overall productivity of the company employees and the overall productivity of the employees that already have been at work);
- more employees in the company = > more productivity.
You can find the complete discussion here:
We analyze now the influence of the employees working presence which is a little drastic for the companies that don't have employees showing up daily at work, so we might make some small changes here. You comments and suggestions are welcome.
Births/deaths today
The number of Citizens in the homepage was presenting the number of total accounts, including the dead Citizens and excluding the banned ones. We fixed this so that it includes here only the living Citizens in Erepublik. 2977 Citizens died since Erepublik started about 30% of total citizens in line with what we expected for the beta.
We will modify the Births and Deaths values so that on Wednesday we should have correct values showing in real time the number of Citizens that were born or died in the previous 24 hours (not on a daily basis as until now).
What you should expect soon
1. Better loading speed - we will move the website to the new better servers in the coming days
2. More accurate economical statistics (GDP, inflation, exports values, imports values, more accurate recommended exchange rates, etc. per each country/currency) + better loading speed in certain pages - more details to come
3. Bilateral country agreements - preferential import taxes, currency exchange agreements (will help the exporting companies), mutual protection pacts (helpful when the wars will start).
Best regards,

The Erepublik Team