Citizenship FAQ and launch date

Day 612, 07:22 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We have promised to answer the most pertinent questions of yours regarding the citizenship module in a new Insider. The subject was too complicated to be clarified in just one Insider, so, here we go:

1.Will it be necessary that ALL Congress members accept a citizenship request, in some sort law voting for citizenship? Isn't that going to flood the Congress? activity
No, citizenship is offered personally and manually by a Congress member. There is no law, just a list from which Congress members can chose to whom to give citizenship by simply accepting his/her application.

2. A maximum of 10 % of a country's population possibly being offered citizenship, means a lot. With just one infiltrated congressman, citizenship can be granted to hundreds for a PTO attempt, right?
Actually this is not true. This is because each congress member can only grant citizenship to a maximum number of people out of the total number possible (total number= 10 % of country population). So, in a country with 10.000 citizens, and 40 congressmen, it turns out that an “infiltrated” spy could offer citizenship to a maximum of 25 people. No congressman can grant 26 in a mandate of one month, regardless of how many citizenships are still available out of the initial 1000.

3. Will it be possible to see which congressman has accepted a specific citizenship application via the citizenship module?
Yes, the citizenship application list is divided into two areas: pending applications and accepted applications. Accepted applications lists all the citizens that received citizenship in the last 10 days and also the congressman that pushed the “Yes” button.

4. Is there some sort of “letter of intention” which citizens can fill in when they apply for citizenship?
Yes, citizens are requested to write a message explaining why they want citizenship, which will be visible to Congress Members reading their applications. This will be your opportunity to persuade Congress members to accept your application!

5. Are you a citizen of your region as well? Or, say, can you still move to vote for someone else in another region of your same country in congressional elections?
Citizenship refers to countries, not regions. When you move to another region of your citizenship country, you gain all the rights in that region - for example, you vote in that region for congressional elections. Only when you move to another country will you be politically “tied” to the last region you have lived back home.

6. Is it still necessary to resign from a party before leaving the country?
Yes, you still have to resign from your party prior to moving to another country.

7. How about the moving industry? You doomed oil/tickets!
We are considering some improvements of the economic system in the future, so the moving industry will be closely analyzed. Until then, as any market, it will automatically adjust based on offer/demand law.

8. What happens if the region you live in is conquered? Will I get automatically citizenship of the conquering country, or will I retain my original citizenship?
For citizens having citizenship in the losing country, their citizenship will not be affected. They will be considered to be living in a foreign country therefore they will be able to apply for citizenship in the wining country, if they desire. If they chose to keep their original citizenship, during congressional elections they will vote in the capital of their citizenship country (losing country). Normally, citizens in diaspora vote in the last region they have lived back home. But if that region is conquered, they are automatically switched as they would have lived in the capital region of the country last time.

9. What happens if my entire country is conquered?
Just like in the conquered-region case, your citizenship remains unchanged if your country is completely conquered. But in this case, you will not be able to vote anywhere. However, you can ask for citizenship in another country. Or you can start a resistance war to liberate your country.

10.What happens if a resistance war succeeds and a country re-appears on the map?
The newly liberated country will have no Congress at the moment of the liberation. Until a Congress is formed, the citizenship requests in this country will be automatically accepted.

11. How about the countries that do not exist right now?
Any new country appearing on the map will automatically accept citizenship requests, until the first Congress is elected. After that, only new citizens registering in the game will receive their citizenship automatically.

12.How about if I live in a region which in RL belongs to my country, but in eRepublik belongs to another country? Which one's citizenship will I be offered?
When the citizenship module comes live, everybody will be offered citizenship of the country that owns the region in which they live. In this case, you will be given citizenship in the foreign country. In order to avoid that, you should move to a region that still belongs to your country prior to citizenship implementation.

Another modifications that might interest you: the new countries to be added in eRepublik will receive only national currency and no GOLD, and also their protections against attacks has been extended from 45 days to 60 days. So, no GOLD for new countries and no attacks allowed in the first 60 days.

Well, these would be the main ideas, we hope we have answered most of your questions. We would like to emphasize that such a complex feature like the citizenship module has no “perfect solution,” that could be both realistic and technically possible. One way or another there will still be citizens that are not 100 % satisfied. Our team carefully analyzed all your feedback, suggestions, proposed solutions (we thank you one more time for helping us) until we finally decided to come up with this concept. And we are hopeful that the new citizenship module will bring us one step closer to our goal, to provide you a richer experience in eRepublik.

We said that citizenship module will come live in about two weeks? We are sorry, we were wrong with our estimation...the citizenship module will be implemented sooner!
The big moment comes at 1 AM (eRepublik time) in day 617! So be sure to be home, in the country you want citizenship, preferably no later than day 616. You have four days left! It would be a good idea to spread this news and tell all your friends to move back home these days.

The eRepublik Team