Translating Pages in the Wiki

Day 604, 07:55 Published in Iran USA by Q J Lincoln

Our wiki is quickly filling up with translated pages. This is good and helpful to the eRepublik Community. However, monitoring these pages cause an additional administrative workload. Here are a few reminders:

'''Tip for all Users'''
The "OFFICIAL" information will always be on the English version of pages. When we receive updates from eRepublik on new features, clarifications, or rule changes the English version is updated first. We have no control over when or if the translated page gets translated. You can always check when the page was last updated by looking at the history tab.

'''Tips for Editors'''
1. EVERY person that creates a page that is NOT IN ENGLISH in this wiki needs to read and understand the page Help:Translating Pages. If you do not understand, please ask. This page tells you:
**How to name pages
**How to create links (different than other wiki links)
**How to categorize your pages
**How to deal with a page that is not a translation, but is only in a language other than English

2.Editors translating the game information pages MUST REMOVE THE ENGLISH CATEGORIES! The only category on these pages should be the category of the language.
**Editors translating pages that have one of the |common templates on them will have the English categories because these are automatic.

3.If you are translating a page and don't think you will finish it in the time you have, you might want to create it in your sandbox. You can go back to it later and then move it to the main space when finished. There are many "translated pages" that are not completely translated because people started and never continued the translation.

4.When creating a translated page, make sure your links are taking you to the right page, don't link to a redirect. For example, the page is "Experience points", the phrases "EP" and "Experience Points" are redirects. This means we now have tons of redirects of the various languages for these in between steps. Make your links to the most DIRECT location.

5.Remember to keep the graphics and formatting of the original page (unless you are improving it). Just because the pages isn't in English, doesn't mean the people don't get pretty graphics.

6.Work with other editors who are translating in your language to make a combined and constructive effort. The best translations are those where several people have gotten together to share the work and check for quality.

This will be reprinted in the eRepublik Bar.