The battle for Nova Scotia, a record breaker

Day 603, 12:20 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

The last Insider ended with the suggestion to keep your eye on eRepublik, because great armies were to confront in the final hours of the battle for Nova Scotia. Our premonition was correct, we can say that yesterday we faced the biggest battle in eRepublik history! The one battle that by itself outnumbered other wars combined, in terms of fighting soldiers and inflicted damage. This was indeed the “mother of all battles,” which proves how much has eRepublik grown-up since last year.

Some of the citizens remember the wars from the beginning of the V1 version, when having a 200.000-300.000 damage point advantage would have meant sure victory. We remember epic battles that have their place in eRepublik history, like the battle for Southern Great Plain or the battles for one of the richest regions in eRepublik: West Siberian Region.

But let's look at the numbers related to the battle for Nova Scotia:

-Fighting soldiers: 21.504

-Total fights: 129.205

-Total damage: 5.927.165

These numbers are huge! They almost doubled in all aspects, compared to the previous record holder. Furthermore, yesterday there were more than 2.500 citizens logged on constantly. If we compare this to six-months old epic battles that reported merely 600 online citizens, some 15.000 total fights and 3.500 soldiers, we realize that we've come a long way.

Yesterday some server issues took place, especially in the final moments of the battle for Nova Scotia, when hundreds of soldiers were rushing toward the battlefield simultaneously. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to assure you that our team is constantly working to improve this aspect. The millions of damage points and tens of thousands of fights were unthinkable just several months ago, when only a fraction of the number of soldiers caused severe problems with our servers.

We would like to congratulate both alliances of countries fighting heroically yesterday in the record-breaker battle. We are sure many others will follow !


The eRepublik Team