I Can't Help Thinking That We Caused This

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Break Down of Relations
The disintegration of ATLANTIS undoubtably caused some ill-feelings anyway; expecially when Sweden and some other allies blamed the eUK for causing ATLANTIS to crumble.

Then, our period of neutrality annoyed many allies. We claimed neutrality while making alliances with 2 PEACE nations - Hungary and Austria. This angered our friends.

Next FORTIS. While the nation sat-on-a-fence, our leading politians were negotiating alliances with FORTIS. FORTIS used a weighed voting system which we asked to be scraped to make it fairer. However once negotiations finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, we turned our backs on FORTIS and rejected the alliance offer.
This infuriated USA, who didn't want the wieghed system to be scraped, and only agreed to scrap it because we asked.

The break-down in relations can also be credited to the mass trolling of the eUSA forums.Some [Enough] eUKers decided to antagonise the USA people by trolling their forums, many have been perma-banned.
The phrase ''Don't Say Dish Didn't Warn You'' has been repeated over and over again. It refers to Dishmcds ,the Minister of Defence and Foriegn Affairs (who on a number of separate occasions has been accused of being a PEACE infiltrater), whose blunt attitude has annoyed many Americans.

Past few Days

Essentially, no matter how innocent the action may have been, the underlying fact is that giving Scotland to the Hungarians has given Hungary a border with Canada.

In fact, the very idea that we were having war games with a PEACE nation seemed as though we had chosen the other side.

Canada obviously got scared, America accused us of siding with PEACE/ being infiltrated by PEACE. And this has of course lead to a major breakdown in relations.

Then, to deter from the fact we had given a PEACE nation a border with Canada, some of us said 'But PEACE have already had a Border with N. America (Brittany - Nova-Scotia) for months now'. Next thing you know - PEACE decides to attack Nova-Scotia from Brittany.

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