US N&C 1:2 -- US President Retires, Crusade Against Spam, and More!

Day 91, 10:11 Published in USA USA by US News and Classifieds

The US News and Classifieds today brings you US-cetric news and current events and the opportunity for employers and potential employees to connect. This issue brings news from the political arena, preperations for war, a crusade against eSpam, a reminder to get out and vote, the first official non-agression pact, and a reminder to keep things in perspective -- read on for details.

(I know I promised a twice-weekly, but overwhelming support and news submissions have necessitated a more frequent posting for now).


News from the Political Arena

The big news today was that long-time US President Korbin King has decided to [a url=]voluntarily retire[/a], removing himself from the next election. Korbin has been our President since the very first public election in eRepublik and has done a fine job. We salute you Korbin, I hope you enjoy your fun in the Hawaiian sun.

A lot has been happening on the Political front in eRepublik as we charge headlong towards the next Presidential elections. The Libertarian Party has caught on like wildfire under Nave's leadership, passing the Republican party in size, launching [a url=]training programs[/a] and a [a url=]bank[/a] all in the span of a week or two. The Democratic-Republican party is having a slow start but moving forward with an open mind and [a url=]soliciting for ideas[/a] so their heart is in the right place.

Preparation for War

Dishmcds over at the DoD has some cautionary words on [a url=]preperations for war[/a] and a reminder of [a url=]what we are fighting for[/a] and should be ultimately striving for in our daily quest for the improvement of the eUSA.

Crusade Against Spam

benn dover has an insightful article about [a url=]spam within eRepublik[/a] and how harmful in can be, especially in the face of all the important news flying through the news feeds these days. His article caught the eye of one of the founders who has promised a revamp of the media system in the near future.

Reminder to Get Out and Vote

Daniel Miller has an important reminder, one I hope we see more and more in the coming days before election time, [a url=]get out and vote![/a] eRepublik is still in its infancy and it's very important that you make yourself heard. If you do nothing else, exercise your ability to decide what direction the eUSA heads in for the next 30 days.

First Non-Agression Pact

isnuwardana reposted an announcement that Indonesia and Pakistan have reached the first [a url=]non-agression pact[/a] cementing a strong alliance on the world stage. I worry about the implementation of this pact, using the contract forum to essentially bring divine intervention into the game could have an adverse effect on the functionality of the overall system.

Reminder to Keep Things in Perspective

Platonic, a very active member of the eWorld population, took a step back this week and reminds us to keep things in perspective when you are writing your articles and forum posts. This is a game, and while it is fun to take the simulation to the utter edge in order to fully experience all that a civilization has to offer we need to remember that this is still a game, and to treat others with a certain degree of respect.


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