[PM] I Am Many Things...

Day 599, 02:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Hassan Pesaran

Hello eUK and the eWorld!

Lots of things have been said to me over the last few days, most of it being negative, unsuprisingly. I have been sworn at, abused, spammed, flamed, all those fun things; you name it, it's been done to me. That's all fine, I can take stuff like that.

The thing I will not take, however, is being called a "traitor to the eUK". I have NOT betrayed the eUK with these actions - I have carried out the wishes of Congress and, consequently, the wishes of the British people. In fact, the Wargames between the UK and Hungary were infact voted upon BEFORE I was President.

If I am a traitor to the eUK for following the will of my people, so be it.

Grand assumptions have been made as to what will be done when Scotland is in Hungary's possession; assumptions that Hungary will invade Canada through Scotland. I can promise you, the eWorld, that this is not the case. Canada will NOT be invaded through Scotland. These games between Hungary and the UK are simply that - GAMES. They will have no direct impact on Canada.

If I am a traitor to the eUK for providing our economy a boost, giving our citizens enjoyment and following the will of my people, so be it.

Finally, to all the people who are saying the eUK never done a thing for ATLANTIS, how dare you be so insulting. For the whole duration of the Wars in Romania, we had 50 high strength soldiers fighting in your defence EVERY DAY. So if you will be so naive as to think we never did anything for you, you should be ashamed. If anyone should be asking that question, it should be us - we gave resources and soldiers to ATLANTIS selflessly, asking nothing in return. I believe we have paid our dues.

And to Sebahmah, if you think I was a PEACE Spy, along with JerryGFL, Dishmcds, FinalDestiny etc, you are even more naive than I first thought.

I am many things, but I am not a traitor to the eUK.

Thank you,
Hassan Pesaran
Prime Minister of the eUK


If other Government Officials want to talk to me rationally about the eUK, I am always available on irc.rizon.net. Please don't send ridiculous threats, it makes you look stupid.