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Emerick, Secretary of State of the United States here. My job as Secretary of State is to act as a liaison between the people in my country and the countries around the eWorld. Now, it's no secret that there are tensions between us, caused god knows what(unthoughtful words, misunderstood intentions, ect) so I thought that I'd take a minute to explain to you how the US feels. Like most things in life, it's best explained by a song. The song that I chose is about heartbreak and betrayal, but our relationship doesn't have to end the same way.

So anyways, let's listen to <a href=>Cute Without The E by Taking Back Sunday</a>.

It starts with the lines, Your lipstick, his collar...don't bother, angel. I know exactly what goes on.

Betrayal. America sees the UK, one of its oldest and most trusted allies starting a training war with Hungary, a nation who's made no secret of its hatred of us, and we, quite honestly, feel betrayed. We already host war games for you and a number of nations, and Americans are wondering why you would choose to hold it with Hungary instead of, say, Sweden- a common ally of us both. You already have an open war with them anyways. It's not a huge jump, correct or not, to assume that it's a cover to give Hungary access to the US. This is a large assertion to make, and I don't endorse it or suggest it lightly, but it's a concern of Americans that deserves to be addressed.

Not to much further, When everything you'll get is everything that you wanted, princess.

This can explain how Americans feel about the weighted voting issue of Fortis. Nobody can control Congress, that's an understatement(I've quit America because of annoyances with Congress before), but the Fortis charter was changed to suit you. We did that all for you. We wanted you with us in our alliance so badly that we were willing to change a pretty fundamental part of the treaty to suit your desires. And honestly, Americans feel like they've been slapped in the face by your rejection of it despite meeting your demands. On top of that, our administration feels misled by yours. They were told to expect the vote to be positive. Again, nobody can control Congress, but the administration, or anybody with access to the Congress boards should have a good idea of what to expect from them. Our administration wasn't told to be cautious, pessimistic, or anything like that. They were given the thumbs up by you.

Then you say, "Well, which would you prefer? My finger on the trigger or me face down, down across your floor?"

This series of lines clearly represents UK's view of the situation. Last month, the UK felt that the US wanted to keep them under our thumb, using Fortis. I can't explain this feeling, because I don't know where it came from, so I'm perplexed. However, I do know where it led. Last month, the UK voted to join Peace instead of Fortis . Either the gun or the floor.

Now, "Will you tell all your friends? You've got your gun to my head?"

The UK felt pressure to join Fortis. Maybe this explains part of the feeling of being pushed onto the floor, or maybe it just fueled it. Let me tell you loud and clear, the US has never had any intention to keep anyone under our thumb. We pushed for you to join Fortis because we wanted our oldest and closest, in terms of language and culture, ally in an alliance with us. We have no malice or ill wishes towards you, UK.

Next, "This all was wishful thinking"

You made the US citizens feel as though you never had any intention to join an alliance with us. You made it seem, to us, that you were giving us the runaround. I know, again, congress. But I'm just trying to explain any aggression from the US here.

How about I'm outside of your window?

The US feels like a relationship with the UK is a lost cause, and they're fed up. A lot of people are frustrated with the apparent brick wall that we've encountered with you. We post an article to clear the air, and we meet resistance. We change a key point of the alliance treaty, and we're met with seeing you walk away. A lot of people in the US feel prepared to let the UK keep walking, while we quietly close the shades and move on.

The next relevant line is "The only thing I regret is I never let you hold me back."

Americans may see that your choice of neutrality is you saying that you secede from relations with the US. Again, they definitely see your new found relations with our enemy Hungary as a threat. We've never wanted to hold you back, UK, and we definitely don't see Fortis as a misstep. Neither does Spain, Canada, or anyone else who will join in the future. Is it a bad alliance? I don't think so. It's small enough to be maneuverable, and allied with strong countries who aren't even in it, so it's secure.

Hoping for the best, just hope that nothing happens

Despite the perceived ill will coming from the new games with Hungary, the US government hopes for all the best....and hopes that nothing unfortunate happens. Yes, it's possible for Hungary to attack Canada from Scotland, and yes, our government is concerned. Rightly so, considering that Hungary has been stretching itself towards the UK and Canada for the last month, just like Indonesia and Romania stretched their arms toward each other. It's a sign, UK, and we're not happy with it.

A dozen clever lines written on clever napkins

There have been insults, both clever and blunt, thrown from each side. Each misplaced word adds fuel to the fire. I've personally contacted tens of Americans who've made unthoughtful comments both on our forum and on the site, and I hope that the UK government is trying to quell the hostility as well. We have come at odds with our allies before, UK, and we've gotten over it. When Atlantis held a vote to fine the US for their war against Mexico, a lot of citizens, including myself, were very upset. I said some hurtful things about other countries, and I regret them now. These days, we're still close with most ex-Atlantis countries. We even managed to get some Swedish tanks in Central Greece in about 5 minutes to help us push the battle in our favor. And that's what allies are about.

"I know you well enough to know you never loved me"

The UK feels unrecognized by the US. The UK, from what I've gathered, feels that the US doesn't appreciate them. UK, if we felt this way, would we have invited you into an alliance with us? You may not be able to contribute the raw power that some can, but you offer us your assistance, and we value you you as cultural allies.

Why can't I feel anything from anyone other than you?

While we're focusing on our issues with the UK, we forget our other allies. Canada, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Greece, Israel, North Corea...all excellent allies of the US. We tend to forget other allies when we have an issue with another. That's one of the frustrating things about this little conflict. We get so caught up in a petty squabble with on ally who we feel many things towards, and forget the others...we feel helpless. We must never forget our long trusted allies while we attempt to repair relations with another, equally important ally. This paragraph was mainly an address to Americans, UK, but it's something that needs to be said. Now back to our conversation

I stay wrecked and jealous for this. For this simple reason I just need to keep you in mind as something larger than life

Is the US jealous that the UK has chosen to remain neutral while we're working hard to build a new alliance(one that we built with the help of the UK, and with them in mind)? Absolutely. Does the US feel betrayed that the UK chose to hold war games with an enemy of ours? Of course. I don't think that either of these feelings are illogical, and it doesn't help when the UK citizens mock us in our forum for having them. If the UK chooses to turn their back and walk away from our relationship, then so be it. But let's make it a clean cut. We don't need to be any messier than necessary. I'm not saying that it'll happen, but a lot of citizens on both sides feel it coming. Will it? Only you can decide.

Now, I want to stress that this isn't an attack in any way, nor does the administration endorse every opinion expressed in this article. This article is meant to inform the British public and administration of many different views of many different Americans. Logical or not, they are all real opinions of real Americans, and I think that they deserve to be heard.

And UK,
Don't say Emerick never loved you