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Important note:
There was an error of some sort earlier today(bug, hack, I don't know atm), but because of it, I lost 5 of my 7 endorsements. I was endorsed by CvP, Feds, and other parties before the crisis.

Over the last few days, I've received a multitude of questions in comments, pm's, and irc. Unfortunately, I've gotten so many pm's recently that aren't questions that some good questions were pushed out of my inbox. Either way, I thought that I'd take a page from old scrabman and publish them and their answers, and invite anyone with any question for me to leave it in a comment here, and I'll probably answer it. Unless five people in a row ask me why I walk with a limp, or some silly crap. I'm not a pimp, I've just been shot like, 12 times

Aldric Harper
What is your response to being called an MMORPG "player killer" by Ananias?

See my last comment in his article. If you have any more questions, go right ahead and ask

The real concern in my last question to you, about "Player Killing", was what your potential presidency will do for new players to the game. I am a new player to this game, but I'm trying to take an active role.
What will your presidency do for the "n00bz" of the game?

I'm going to be honest- I don't appreciate people who aren't willing to help themselves. That's why I don't [personally] give out free stuff(to everyone).

To help young people, I'm getting our wiki up to date and in great shape, focusing on getting NAU(our university) back into working condition, and increasing transparency(so you know what's going on).

Gertrude Groan
I would love to hear your views, not necessarily right here, on two current foreign policy matters - Operation: Belgian Waffle (including scrabman's silence on it) and our support of the Croatian occupation of original Serbian regions.

I don't know all that much about Operation: Belgian Waffle. I was deployed there, I fought there, but I have no ideas what our motives were there. I asked around, but I didn't get much. The best I can think of is that we were just screwing with Peace a bit. As for the Croatian occupation of Serbian regions, we don't support it, per se, we just don't directly oppose it.

As a Libertarian, I can't say I like the idea of a state run university. I think that if there was a high enough demand for a university, the market would take care of it.

The problem with private universities in eRep is incentive and demand. irl, higher learning is a huge industry because so many jobs demand a degree. In eRep, it's just something to help you learn the game creatively. Maybe it'll turn out to be great, but I doubt that we'll see a lot of students.

So, I have a question. What's to be the new policy on training war?
I don't see any reason to implement a new policy on war games, unless Ireland(for some reason) decides that they don't want to do it anymore. Currently, three war games a week is plenty. There is only one day in a week that you can't fight in. It works.

What diplomatic tack will you take on Germany ? While many eAmericans opposed the occupation by eSweden and ePoland, the US governments official stance was of neutrality. Since then Germany has more or less been "liberated" by PEACE nations. Thus they may feel much more closely to PEACE right now than former allies such as the US. What will your administration do to restore a good working relationship with eGermany and keep them from falling too far into the PEACE camp.

This is a very difficult situation, since our allies, Sweden, were the ones who initiated this chain of events. Personally, I was very upset when Sweden declared war on Germany, but as president of the US, it's my duty to remain diplomatic. It seems like my hands are tied in this situation, really. I'd love to have closer relations with Germany, but I won't sacrifice our relationship with Sweden for it. If there was some way to please both sides, then I wouldn't hesitate. Until I see an opportunity like that arise, however, I'm afraid that our relationship will be strained.

Danny Ketch
Claire Littleton, our mutual party leader, has publicly stated her support of trade protectionism, increased taxes on imports to keep our supply-side economy in the United States strong. Your platform seems to break with her stance. If this is so, why do you, like your opponent, support lowering taxes on imports?

I generally agree with the idea of free trade. He's done a lot of research into it, and One Eye assures us(with citation) that lowered import taxes would lower the prices of our products, and not have a huge impact on our wages. He can explain it better than I, so I'll just let his thread do the talking.

What's your vision towards EDEN?

Eden is, like Fortis, an economic alliance as well as the usual military alliance. In addition to that, it's made up of former Atlantean countries, so there is already a common ground between us. I appreciate Eden, not just for these reasons, but because it's a smaller alliance, which I believe is the future of alliances in eRepublik.

Will you support the clubbing of baby seals, unlike our soon to be former president?

If I'm elected president, I hope to not only have baby seals clubbed, but seals of all ages. For too long, the US has ignored the needs of other seal demographics. It's time to stand up and say, "Yes we can beat seals of all ages, races, sexes, and creeds." Thank you and God bless.

How do you look at Peace , and how do you look at EDEN?

I think I gave my opinion of Eden quite well in Cavalcanti's question above, so I'll just give my opinion of Peace here.

Peace, in my mind, is too large and powerful of an organization. It controls more than half of the world right now - any time an entity, of any kind, has that much influence and power, it's bound to abuse it.

Now, that's just what I think of the organization as a whole. Country by country, not so bad. There are several fine and upstanding countries that are a part of the alliance, and I have nothing but good things to say about them, , and only hope the best for them.

Do you think your military should be more organized and motivated to help allies and ex-faithful-allies?

More organization and motivation is always a good thing, and remaining allies with countries that we've been allies with in the past will be a major goal of mine, as well as making new allies.

What is your opinion on interparty relations and how the president should behave towards citizens?

I really hope that our parties find some way to end the political storm we get every month on the 25th. I know that in this last month, a lot of parties worked together. If they can convince USWP to join them, then we might have a peaceful congressional election cycle.

While I do expect a president to treat his people with respect, I don't expect him to bend over backwards for them, unless he's really desperate to be elected. Some people expect complete and udder submissiveness, that's not going to happen. The presidency is a tough job to get into in the first place, and it takes some one with thick skin, the ability to talk smack if necessary, and not take crap....and after all, at the end of the day the president is a person behind a computer screen just like everyone else, why would you expect him to act special?

What was your reaction when American Hero Billy Mays passed away last Sunday?

I've always been a big fan of Billy, and I was deeply saddened by our loss.

What is your opinion on this topic:[..]/1/20

I read that when it came out, and I disagree with it. It's only natural that people who aren't in USWP are going to be upset when, month after month, USWP wins both a pluralty and the presidency. The "it's not our fault" argument fails to recognize that, though it might not be your fault that your political enemies aren't massively moving against you, it is your fault that you aren't working with the other parties. As largest party in the world, people might expect you to help keep your fellow American parties happy, so that instead of focusing votes on their own elections, they feel more free to contribute their own vote to countries that are being TO'd. To me, it's a matter of country over party.

Your articles usually have many comments of support from PEACE aligned players and top officials in the PEACE organization and PEACE nations. Clearly you are the candidate that Hungarians, Indonesians, Brazilians, Russians and Portuguese want to see in command of the USA.

How do you explain your appeal among the alliance that even in articles now in the top media are threatening to invade the eUSA?

My articles have comments from people all around the world, not just people in Peace countries. As I've said before, I disagree with Peace as an organization, but I am friends with many people who reside in it's sphere of influence. I think it's important for presidents to have friends in many places - high, low, here, or there - in order to perform his job to the fullest.

Do you know if PEACE intends to mobilize voters to support you?

That would be silly. I have personal friends, I'm not a tool.

You stated in your other article:

"To whit:
*increased military funding
*acknowledging the benefits of war
*preferring neutrality, but recognizing that it may be a lost cause(congress is currently voting on our entrance into Fortis)
*love of free trade"

How will you accomplish this? I was told that you may not be able to give us War games at a whim.

It's true that the president of the US isn't in control of declaring the war games, since it's Ireland that attacks us, but the president of the US may call off war games on any given day, which scrabman has done multiple times. The reason that he's called off war games so much in the past is that our ally's MPP with us was activated, and so to push the American people to fight for our allies, he canceled the war game and published an article with instructions on where to fight.

I have one question if it's not problem. I am the president of the Liberal Party of BiH so my question is can we create a connection between the parties?

I'm not a party leader, so I can't really comment on that 😕 When I was president of the Libertarian party last summer, I had made plans to create a coalition of international Libertarian parties, started by the Swedish Libertarian party president at the time(can't remember his name). It fell through, but if you want to give it a shot, go for it.

In the question above, when asked about free trade, almost the whole of your response was about One Eye!

"I generally agree with the idea of free trade. He's done a lot of research into it, and One Eye assures us(with citation) that lowered import taxes would lower the prices of our products, and not have a huge impact on our wages. He can explain it better than I, so I'll just let his thread do the talking."

Isn't One Eye Harrison's VP?

Yes, but whether or not Harrison is elected, One Eye will continue to work on free trade. He doesn't care if he's in office, an in-game or made up one. He's going to continue to work for what he thinks is going to make America stongest.

Here are my past campaign articles:
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Other things
In case I win, I've put together a cabinet application form. If you want to be in the next cabinet, you have to fill it out:

Thank you for your questions. This will be modified as more questions come