PODCAST: The Emerick is Great Edition

Day 591, 06:45 Published in USA USA by American Border Collie

Hello all!

Ok, so I normally stay non-political with my podcasts, but this week I make an exception. In this episode, I interview His Greatness, Emerick. We cover his position for the upcoming Presidential Election. Emerick is a friend of mine, and I am always willing to help out a friend in need.

Emerick and I decided yesterday afternoon to do an interview. Normally, my podcasts are scripted and usually take several hours to edit out mistakes and bad takes. Not this one. This was done in a discussion format with no script and very little editing. What you are hearing is Emerick's greatness in action. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the recording for this had to take place at a special time: around 5 AM! Yes, this is me and Emerick, both just rolled out of bed with no influence from Caffeine. I hope that you enjoy!

Please note, this podcast is 30 minutes long and the quality has been decreased to a 64k bitrate for the purpose of minimizing size. Also, for Emerick's cause, please share this article with everyone you know and vote it up to the top 5!

Click Here to download the Emerick is Great podcast! (12.7 MB; 27:48 minutes)

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