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I heard some complaints that my last article was tl😉r, so I thought I'd put together something in a list. The first part turned out to be a little lengthy, but the rest are nice and compact. Enjoy

Foreign Policy
Neutrality(in this case) = alliance neutral
I think neutrality is great. It will allow us the freedom to embark on missions such as Operation: Turkish Delight, in which we freed all of Israel and most of Greece, including their high iron region. In an alliance, we'd have to ask for permission from the other alliance members to do any missions, and there's always a fear of leaks or espionage from spies within the alliance.

Secondly, we are not drawn into battles that our country should not be involved in. This isn't to say that we won't help our allies to the best of our abilities if they are threatened, but neutrality allows us the freedom to make the choice to stay out of a battle if it is in our country's best interests.

The best aspect of neutrality is that it opens doors to countries who would otherwise be turned off by any alliance we are in. Our ally list is thinning and we need to do our best to put the United States in a more favorable position for the future.

Again, like I said in my last article, I prefer neutrality over all, and I'll try to make it work for our allies, but if our allies feel that it won't work for them, then I won't force them into a difficult position.

Domestic Policy
Quality Über Alles - Quality Over All
My domestic policy campaign slogan is Quality Über Alles- Quality Over All. I want to see America increase it's quality in every aspect possible. To show my commitment to quality, I have done two things:
Set up wiki team
On the 26th, I proposed and created the national wiki team, Mighty Awesome Power Writers. We are currently working on updating every wiki page that has relevance to the US. The purpose of this is twofol😨 first, it looks good; second, it will educate newer users about our past, our structure, and why we do the things we do. Right now all a new citizen has is the media and word of mouth- no unbiased encyclopedic information.
Proposed Pulitzer Prize
Yesterday, I proposed the creation of the Pulitzer Prize, which is still in discussion. The purpose of this is extra incentive to write quality articles every day, and to give us something extra fun to do once a month.

I'll admit that when I saw Claire Littleton's campaign for more transparency two months ago, I was not impressed. I thought that it was just something to add fluff to her platform.....then I was elected to congress, and saw how little the public actually knows. I'm not talking about things that should be kept in top-secret chambers, either. I'm talking about things that other countries discuss openly in their media, like Fortis. I haven't seen the word "Fortis" in one single American publication. Not a thing. In the UK and Ireland, for example, they're openly discussing the alliance all over the place. scrabman refered to it once as "the alliance", not even calling it by name only two or three times in the last month. Why? There's no reason that we shouldn't be openly discussing the ins and outs of this future alliance all over the media and forum for weeks.

More military funding
Of course I'm going to fund the military. We have a huge surplus, and it makes the most sense to direct most of the money towards the military, since that's our most money-intensive and important branch of the government. It goes without saying. Also, congress has been working on putting this into effect. This is not in of the President's job description, but I figured I'd put it in here since my opponent did, and I'd hate to lose voters to him because they aren't aware of that.

Continued war games
Yes, war games will continue to exist when I'm President, and with more regularity then they have been this past month.

Other things
I'm starting to accept applications for cabinet positions now, so that if I win, I can have a good team already assembled and ready to go on day one. Apply here:

Questions? Comments?
I hope this was enough to sink into