A New Look at Wage Increase

Day 588, 05:47 Published in Philippines Philippines by Gabriela Fajardo

And I'm back again to increase the minimum wage. Yes, I am irritating at best. But hear me out please.

It's something like this: We raise the minimum wage by at least 50% or from 1 to 1.5 and hold it there. That's not too much, but that will make companies loose money. So we do it this way: Since the prices will go up, the government steps in. Prices rise by .5 or higher, so government has to make sure it stays lower than a full digit increase (that's robbery already) by paying the companies for half of the salary raise or their "losses": ideally .25 or .30 and no higher.
This will be done through the Central Bank. Prices therefore will rise only by.25 or .5 if all goes well. Bank does this for a month or so. This may also bring in other businesses, who will be confident that the "high" wage increase will not hurt their business that much.

Take a good look at it people. It's not a 4 Peso increase or a 2, it's a .5. If you see any loop holes, and there are many, like the one concerning the Bank's money, feel free to say so, together we can polish this and actually turn it into something that works. It is an advance policy, which we must ponder and enact, as much as possible, regardless of politics.

It can be done.