The Losing Battle of Small Parties

Day 586, 19:48 Published in USA Pakistan by Longbaugh

I don't get this whole anti-USWP fervor. It isn't that difficult to mobilize people into a consolidated party if you've got the right people behind a serious and responsibly-consolidated agenda.

It's not our fault that there's SEVEN (relevant) conservative parties splitting votes whenever possible. It's not our fault that the AAP can't decide between whether it's going to be UIP, LiB, or even USWP. I mean, the America's Advancement Party is supposed to be "far-left" but it's routinely more "center-right" than certainly just about any other party other than maybe the Conservative Party and the Nationalist Party.

Voters know where the USWP stands every election, and that's absolutely key to electoral success. With all of the aforementioned parties, candidates are routinely being sponsored by, or running for other competing parties (and competing party lines), that it so often becomes ridiculous. And, quite frankly underestimates and treats every new(er) party member like an infant.

Like my man above, you're arguments are so often rooted in complete misunderstandings of issues at hand and, consequently, so are your opinions formed from those arguments. In case you're not following me, the picture above shows a McCain/Palin voter wearing a shirt that exemplifies the guy's racism likely without him knowing it... seeing as how Chariman Mao was Chinese and "Dear Leader" is what North Koreans call Kim Jong-Il, their leader.

The time for party organizing and collecting was months ago. Now it's time to consolidate into four strong adversarial parties with a possible fifth. My choices would be the United States Workers Party, the Conservative Party, the Libertarian Party, and the United Independent Party. Maybe a possible fourth party, the Federalists, could be involved. I like Federalists even if I don't agree with 90% of what they say. They're essentially what RL republicans have always idealized themselves as but have just never had the balls to exemplify. In RL they're also legendarily mislead/confused by the way, because they fancy themselves libertarians when it's politically viable.

All of you Greens (seriously, there's no place fore a Green Party on eRepublik), Socialist Freedoms, Democrats and Republicans (which are the USWP and CvP, respectively), U.S. Capitalists (aka, Federalists with separatist complexes), InBloodGodWeTrusters (Blade superfans, I'm guessing)... all of you need to take into consideration your longevity in a growing eRepublik.

Note: I'm in favor of the Umbrella Research Party staying around. We need at least one dark and shadowy organization party in the eUS to threaten our every existence with their very existence. All the rest I mentioned, you need to consolidate into one or two of the aforementioned like-minded parties or you'll always be mistaking my party's competence and highly-responsible leadership with vote moving and congressional strong-arming. And, you'll always be losing.

Those types of complaints usually only come from people who aren't in congress anyhow. But, aren't they the ones occupying all of the other useless parties? Maybe it's just a continuously self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever the case, I've got no problem with USWP dominance in congress. After all, the eUS seems to have its best months under a USWP congressional majority... and a USWP president.



In the circus that was Socialist Freedom Party members losing their minds (and my respect) that I had the gall to dedicate all of 0.5% of my article to them I actually had a very intelligent, cordial, and congress-worthy citizen, Johnathan Tyler, respond to me with logic, a clear head, and a good argument. If people like him make up the body of the U.S. Capitalist Party then make no mistake, they have a future.

Go to his newspaper The Private Choice. Read, vote, and subscribe.