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Hello my dear brothers and sisters of India!

My goodness, I haven't said that about any eCountry I have been in. The UK was great, Australia was lovely too... until the media descended into something one would expect from kindergarten children.

I come to India and I am happy to say that I have found a family at last. Sure India is small and weak when compared to the New World's only true superpower Indonesia and sure most of our home territories are under foreign control.... but its great to at last come to a nation rapidly gaining strength, a country that works constructively together to bring long term prosperity to our nation.

I come in and see a strong government. I arrive and see companies actually offering food below minimum wage. I arrive and see a wonderful community. I arrive in India and unearthed a great treasure, a nation of people working together for the common good.

I support the system as it stands at this moment. I support the more or less controlled economy. I support the great work of the people in Congress.

I intend on working with you all to create the Incredible India dream!

At this point I would like to announce my Congressional candidacy for Jammu and Kashmir! If you wish to know what I can offer to India I would like to invite you all to have a browse through my wiki page which can be found at:

Now onto something I do NOT support in any way shape or form.

I do not support Mr Smo and his unfounded attacks on the government. A point in case was Mr Smo's allegations that David Forde and other members of our community stole funds from our Government Bank. He posted no proof of his allegations. It read like a childish rant. If he spoke it, it would sound a lot like this: *do not worry! its not a virus nor the stupid Rick Roll'd link. Its a satire too, by the way. Don't take it TOO seriously.*

I, like I am certain many of you, object most vehemently to being called a 'little ant'. Smo seems to be suffering under the delusion that he deserves free respect. Mr Smo I think you need to understand this:

Respect isn't given. It's earned.

Mr Smo. The ball is in your court. Your name is in tatters. It is up to you to pick up the pieces. It is time for you to work alongside us, not against us as you are now.

I urge you Mr Smo. You seem an intelligent person. Your apology article was perhaps the best thing you could have done. I urge you to actually act on the promises you made in that article and step away from the thorny path you have chosen FOR YOURSELF.

Mr Smo,before you make snap judgements on anybody in India, I would encourage you to actually talk to them first. Probe their beliefs and discuss issues with them (in a mature manner!)

With Kind Regards to my Brothers and Sisters,