PODCAST: Five Stars

Day 579, 12:00 Published in USA USA by American Border Collie
WARNING: This podcast contains suggestive humor, some crude language, and portrayal of substance use. This podcast is not meant for the ears of children under 13 without parental permission or the ears of seniors over the age of 60 without a clean diaper. None of the activities portrayed in this podcast are endorsed by Five, myself or Erepublik, and are just there for humorous value. Also, no substances of any sort were consumed in the making of this podcast with the exception of ice cream sandwiches, orange soda, and fruit juice.

This week, I bring you another podcast. This time, however, I couldn't be around the entire time to record it all. Therefore, I asked the lovely Five to lend her voice to my weekly bulletin. She did a great job! Of course, when Five is involved, hilarious shenanigans are not far behind. Please vote it up and write any comment that comes to mind. I enjoy reading them!

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