A furry new coat for the new world

Day 574, 00:30 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Pierric Bross

Today marks a historical day in erepublik - Today, the very first Furry Party was created. The first party focused on giving a good name to Furries in erepublik, helping them out, and sharing our needs.

It is fitting then, that this party should be created in Pakistan, a place known for it's controversial views... and of it's deep hatred towards the Furry kind. It is in this place of the utmost hatred, that we will start our mission today. That we will help to close a gap between the outcasts and the norms, and create a fair and free society, where no-one is ridiculed for their views.

I ask all Furries, new and old, weak or strong, inexperienced or knowledgeable, to support this new beginning for all it is worth. You do not have to leave your countries - I would never ask any of you to make that choice, support is all I ask. Support for the unknown battles ahead...

Pro humanus
Pro Bestia

For Human
For Animal