Jerusalem district has been occupied by Israel.

Day 571, 07:23 Published in Israel Bulgaria by Jewitt
13 June, 2009, Day 571 of the New World - Jerusalem once again can fly that blue and white flag as illegitimate Turkish migrants flee the city. International freedom fighters once again proved that the eWorld wants Israel free entirely to govern its people and home regions with no exception.

What was started just four months ago by Benn Dover in North is now becoming a reality. Jewitt's latest blow to the Turkish occupation list leaves just one region left to be taken - Center district. After Center, all of Israel will be free to govern themselves entirely and independently.

The Report has word that a resistance has started in Crete, Greece. The movement possibly is a "okay, your turn and then your turn" scenario where Greece will now get the attention of freedom fighters while Israel will have to sit back and wait.

However, we at this news agency have a question: What is next? Soon, all of Greece and Israel will be free. Then what? Will Indonesian provinces be liberated? Will South Africa regain its freedom? Either way, the eWorld is shaping up to be an interesting one indeed.

In later news for this Israeli-only issue of The Report, President Sadeh Badeh will not be returning to the game due to real-life restrictions. This leaves the Presidency open and speculation is high. When mentioned about this, Jewitt, asked that he write a little personal letter to be published in this issue for the Israeli people.

"When you gained freedom months back, I made this promise and it seems like it was drowned out in the 'we're free!' articles and no one saw it. If you ever need any help at all, I am willing to give my services. I know the Israeli economy is in a downturn and I know that unity is low with Sadeh's leaving. These are the times that all the hard work could go to waste to a political takeover or bickering among petty rivals. I hope it does not happen to Israel, but if it does, I am willing to help."

So Israel, congratulations on your step towards complete independence. It has taken over 4 months, but it must had been worth it.

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To do List:

Go out and vote for Party President on the 15th. Voting is the power of democracy and with political takeovers a threat, it is a valuable weapon to vote for your countrymen.

Find a way to move to Turkey and one of the Q5 hospital regions. That will make you ready for the next resistance war although it could take a few days - or even weeks.

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-Michael Hunt, Senior Correspondent