Another Wiki Update

Day 566, 00:12 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence I

Hi everyone. I am here again to present to you the recent updates found in our Philippine Wiki page.

I have modified the wiki page of the Philippines. If you have noticed that i have changed the categories in the page. And I added something good to our page, the infoboxes. They are thje boxes found in the right side of the page.

Just like this: Template😛hilippine Government

I have recently discovered this by accident. And take note that no other page in the entire wikiland uses this kind of thing. I was tired of using tables, and I bumped into this in Wikpedia.

Other infoboxes are found in the:
The Philippines
The Philippine Congress

Try viewing the links and see for yourselves.

Leave your comments here after you viewed them. If you want me to add something, just let me know.