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Day 565, 02:56 Published in USA Croatia by Dorian Derezic
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#9 is out with some great news from all over the New World!!


1.1 Presidential Elections
1.2 Austrian History
1.3 Conquests
1.4 Cloning


3.1 Popular Topics
3.2 Arena
3.3 Trading Post

4.1 Music Videos
4.2 The Bro Code
4.3 Wallpapers


1.1 Presidential Elections

Presidential elections are completed so here's a list of all the newly elected Presidents.
These elections were very peaceful with the exception of a couple of TO's.
The only country that is in big trouble after this election is Latvia where Namejs got a permanent ban on the election day.
Namejs has unfortunately won the elections and Latvia currently has no president.
Presidency will be probably transferred to red-fox, who took second place, if the situation with Namejs stays the same.

Argentina – galle13Union Desarrollista Argentina – Number of votes: 108/244
Australia – tim09Aus Democratic Socialist Party - Number of votes: 204/431
Austria – LynariRot Weiss Rot - Number of votes: 28/43
Bosnia and Herzegovina - toromanStranka Ujedinjene eBiH - Number of votes: 118/206
Brazil – Cavalcanti Partido dos Parvos Bra - Number of votes: 625/768
Bulgaria – Ealendil Bulgarian Democratic Party - Number of votes: 75/139
Canada – Jacobi Canadian Paradox Party - Number of votes: 430/965
Chile – Iliaco Union Social Independentista - Number of votes: 75/122
China – Snayke Juche Box Party - Number of votes: 159/177
Croatia – IVAN RADMAN Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka - Number of votes: 409/950
Czech Republic – Franz Kafka Nezavislost Party - Number of votes: 35/55
Denmark – Dale Marks Weberian Bureaucracy Party - Number of votes: 26/47
Estonia – s33vald Vabadus - Iseseisev Eesti - Number of votes: 232/268
Finland – Jorma Ollila Liberaali Edistyspuolue - Number of votes: 241/241
France – MoritanIsBanned Parti Social Democrate - Number of votes: 275/707
Germany – shoot Austro-German Democratic Union - Number of votes: 128/217
Greece – Jaguaros Ethniko Enotiko Kinima - Number of votes: 101/136
Hungary – Shaok Magyar Hazafiak Partja - Number of votes: 2149/3002
India – David Forde India United - Number of votes: 137/137
Indonesia – Masila Partai Kami Sama - Number of votes: 3135/5149
Iran – PreuX Rastakhiz - Number of votes: 290/533
Ireland – Nithraldur Irish Union Party - Number of votes: 159/310
Israel – Sadeh Badeh Israeli Workers Party - Number of votes: 98/134
Italy – Antimo Aquila et Gladius - Number of votes: 348/462
Japan – Kokawayoshi Makoto Kageki Minshutou - Number of votes: 198/259
Latvia – Namejs (Permanently Banned) Par Dzimteni - Number of votes: 33/60
Lithuania – cawx Sajudis - Number of votes: 110/110
Malaysia – Nagyzee Democratic Action Party - Number of votes: 60/84
Mexico – Splik Partido de Liberacion Nacional - Number of votes: 46/80
Moldavia – Sturmwehr Democratic Party of Moldova - Number of votes: 326/592
Netherlands – Jazar Iron and Wine - Number of votes: 94/209
North Korea – atropates PEACE PARTY FOR NK - Number of votes: 183/322
Norway – Eha Pappkriger Gullpartiet - Number of votes: 46/106
Pakistan – Dio Brando Diamond is Unbreakable - Number of votes: 28/31
Philippines – Big Boy Bulley Filipino Progressive Movement - Number of votes: 69/81
Poland – Fartman Partia Wolnych Ludzi - Number of votes: 1127/1341
Portugal – Arbus P. Revolucionario eComunista - Number of votes: 194/398
Romania – smif Partidul Liberal - Number of votes: 1484/1894
Russia – Tihinen Free Russia Party - Number of votes: 243/475
Serbia – Lipec Spasimo eSrbiju - Number of votes: 342/462
Singapore – John Jay Nationalist Party of Singapore - Number of votes: 91/91
Slovakia – MattCom Slovenska Koalicia - Number of votes: 22/28
Slovenia – StiH Za Boljso eSlovenijo - Number of votes: 73/89
Spain – Charrito Izquierda Democratica Espanola - Number of votes: 999/1265
Sweden – jbmalin Flashback Sweden - Number of votes: 271/512
Switzerland – DwarfZG Theocratic Party - Number of votes: 55/67
Thailand – Albert Neurath Pattana Unity Party - Number of votes: 145/244
Turkey – poker Milliyetci Yukselis Partisi - Number of votes: 170/440
Ukraine – PetiB Volja, zlagoda, dobro - Number of votes: 475/595
United Kingdom – Kumnaa The People's Communist Party - Number of votes: 487/1076
USA – scrabman United States Workers Party - Number of votes: 1689/3382
Venezuela – leireleire Primero Venezuela - Number of votes: 54/83

In the end I would just like to congratulate to all new Presidents and wish them good luck in the upcoming term.

1.2 Austrian History

Couple of days ago an interesting article Austria was published.
In it, Metallon [/ url] decided to teach us about the history of Austria.
Austria was very sparsely populated until the March of 2008.
Austrian history is full of a rather unpleasant situations in which a couple of times their treasury got competely robbed by various groups that managed to take control of the country.
After these unfortunate events Mappina started her reign in Austria and that period is called the Golden Age of Austria.
History of eAustria part I [/ url] is only the first part of several articles that will give you a complete picture of Austrian history from its beginnings to these days.

1.3 Conquests

Arthk brings us an article that describes his view on conquest wars.
Today, the entire eRepublik world revolves only around the wars, when there are no wars, the economies collapse, and is simply boring.
Arthk lists some of the reasons for conquest wars :

1.RL Hate
While constantly trying to detach eRep from the RL , unfortunately sometimes it is not possible and that ultimately leads to conquest wars between two countries.
In these wars a lot of pretty useless teritorries get conquered and massive amounts of gold get spent just to satisfy somones desire for revenge.

Not all countries have all the needed resources and sometimes it leads to a start of a conquest war.
If you do not have a region with high productivity you can always try to take your neighbours, of course, if a neighbor is not much stronger and / or has a lot of MPP's.
But we have to try and look outside the box for a while because you do not need regions with high productivity to have access to a lot of resources, you can always reduce taxes and in a very short period of time your market wil be full of resources at very affordable prices.

3.Economy, Wellness and Ranks
No wars, the economy collapses, workers wellness starts to fall and this leads to reduced production.
When there are wars everyone usually works with 90-100 wellness and thus produce maximum number of products.
There`s not much to talk about ranks because wars are currently the only ways to boost them.

4.For the Lulz
Without wars, this is quite simply boring.

Read the other sections of this very interesting article: Thoughts about Conquest Wars, they are worthy at all? [/ url]

1.4 Cloning

You were probably tempted to create a clone of yourself, and by doing that earn a couple of gold coins.
Before, this was possible because the admins did not do much to prevent these things so there were a lot of baby farms that were used for the production of gold and of course fighting in wars.
In the last couple of days admins started work on fixing that and a lot of people got banned.
Among them were the „small people“ who have not yet been known in eWorld but has been quite a few very experienced players who lived in eWorld for more than a year and spent hours and hours to make their character one of the most famous in this game.
To be the best they probably used some illeagal actions and because of that they are now paying the price .

So next time you get tempted to create a clone of break the rules in any capacity, ask yourself whether this is really what you want because there is a very high probability that in a few months you will try to log in on eRepublik and a welcome message will be displayed saying that you've earned a permanent ban and that you can request an appeal.

Read the rest of the article
Tempted to clone yourself? A bad Idee .. [/ url] written by MoonlightShadow [/ url]


RW vs. Indonesia – Hubei – Started by axllyne

2. RW vs. Indonesia – Hunan – Started by Hyaken

3. RW vs. Germany – Voralberg – Started by Kajbollach

4. Sweden vs. Germany – Saarland
Germany has 7 allies: Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Switzerland

5. PEACE GC Training War – Chile vs. Argentina - Cuyo

6. Atlantis Training War – Ireland vs. USA – Rhode Island


Q4 Hospital – Ireland - Cork and Kerry
Q5 Hospital – USA – Florida, New Jersey
Q5 Hospital – Chile – Zona Austral
Q5 Hospital – Argentina - Patagonia
Q5 Hospital – Sweden – Gotaland, Svealand
Q5 Hospital – Romania – Banat, Moldova, Muntenia, Transilvania
Q5 Hospital – Canada – Alberta, Ontario
Q5 Hospital – Spain – Andalucia, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Castilla y Leon, Extremadura, Madrid
Q4 Hospital – Chech Republic - Moravia
Q5 Hospital – Israel – North District
Q5 Hospital – Croatia – Northwest Croatia, Slavonia
Q5 Hospital – India – Orissa
Q5 Hospital – Switzerland – Italian-speaking Area
Q5 Hospital – Bosnia & Hezegovina - Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Q5 Hospital – Greece - Thrace
Q5 Hospital – Singapore – Singapore City
Q5 Hospital – United Kingdom – East Midlands, Northern Ireland
Q5 Hospital – Malaysia - Peninsular Malaysia
Q5 Hospital – Finland – Aland, Western Finland
Q5 Hospital – Hungary - Central Hungary, North Caucasus Region, Northern Hungary, Southern Great Plain, Urals Region, Western Transdanubia
Q5 Hospital – France – Rhone-Alps
Q5 Hospital – Russia - Kaliningrad Region
Q5 Hospital – Japan - Kanto
Q5 Hospital – Australia - New South Wales, Victoria
Q5 Hospital – Bulgaria - Sofia
Q5 Hospital – Turkey – Central Greece, Eastern Anatolia Region
Q5 Hospital – Netherlands – North Region
Q5 Hospital – Portugal - Lisboa
Q5 Hospital – Mexico - The Central Highlands
Q5 Hospital – Serbia - Sumadija
Q4 Hospital – Venezuela – Capital, Central, Guayana
Q5 Hospital – Indonesia – Java, Karnataka, West Siberian Region, Western Cape, Xinjiang
Q5 Hospital – Estonia – Louna-Eesti, Pohja-Eesti
Q5 Hospital – Iran – Jharkhand, Liaoning
Q5 Hospital – Italy - Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Q5 Hospital – Brazil – Gauteng, North Region, South Region
Q4 Hospital – Thailand - North-Eastern Thailand
Q5 Hospital – Lithuania - Lithuania Minor


3.1 Popular Topics

1. Company Profit Calculator
2. BROzilian DIOism
3. Where are these so-called "Mercenary" groups?
4. Debates for Capitalism, Anarchy, Communism, or any mix of them.
5. Stalin's actions were all ultimately justified.

3.2 Arena

1. eSoccer/eFootball new(still free)

3.3 Trading Post

1. Tanit Group is selling Q2 Food Company
2. Coogie is selling Ticket Company
3. Ironic Inc II is selling Q1 weapons
4. Dragonforce Imperial is selling Q3 weapons
5. Karolina Jesieniecka is selling Q5 house


4.1 Music Videos

1. Ricky Martin - Maria
2. Billy Joel – We didn`t start the fire
3. Linkin Park ft. Jay-Z – Numb/Encore
4. Black Sabbath – Iron Man
5. Zion - Fantasma

4.2 The Bro Code

Article 11: A Bro may ask his Bros to help him move, but only after first discoling an honest estimate on both time commitment and number of large furnititure pieces. If the Bro has vastly underestimated either, his Bros retain the right to leave his possessions where they are, in most cases, stuck in a doorway.

Article 12: Bros do no share dessert.

Article 13: All Bros shall dub one of their Bros his wingman.

Article 14: If a chick inquires about another Bro's sexual history, a Bro shall honor the 'Brode of silence' and play dumb. Better to have women think all men are stupid than tell the truth.

Article 15: A Bro never dances with his hands above his head.

Article 16: A Bro should be able, at any time, to recite the following reigning champions: Super Bowl, World Series, and Playmate of the Year

Article 17: A Bro shall be kind and courteous to his co-workers, unless they are beneath him on the Pyramid of Screaming

Article 18: If a Bro spearheads a beer run at a party, he is entitled to any excess monies accrued after canvassing the group

Article 19: A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro's sister. However, a Bro shall not get angry if another Bro says, "Dude, your sisters hot!"

Article 20: A Bro respects his Bros in the military because they've selflessly chosen to defend the nation, but more to the point, because they can kick his ass six ways to sunday.

4.3 Wallpapers

1. Animals
2. Girls
3. Games
4. Cars
5. Landscapes

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