From the Desk of the Speaker: A New Congress, a New Mandate

Day 563, 20:31 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress
~Official New-Term Report for the 18th Congress~

Table of Contents

1. The Speaker's Word
2. New-Term Report by Cerb

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The Speaker's Word

Greetings citizens of the eUSA! I'm Cromstar, the Speaker of the House for this term and I'm here to give you a little intro to the 18th eUSA Congress! This month we've seen two major things come from the elections. First, the USWP managed to grab an outstanding 23 seats, while the Feds (who aren't even a Top 5 party) pulled off at least 5...beating out two of the top 5 parties! Additionally, this Congress has one of the highest rates of 1st term Congressmen! I'm pleased to announce that many of them didn't sit around to acclimate, and simply jumped in the deep end of the pool. This is one of the more active Congressional delegations I've seen since I joined eRep, and I hope it stays that way past the first week and a half! As you'll read from Cerb (one of our 1st termers 😉 ), we've already done a lot of work this session, and we've begun even more work.

Remember, all your Congressmen and Congresswomen (this Congress has a record number of them, I believe), are available for questions and comments. If they don't answer you, message me and let me know and I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. After all, as Speaker of the House, I still serve the public, as well as Congress.

Good luck and good fortunes, eAmerica!

Speaker of the House
PA Congressman (4th term)

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New-Term Congressional Report by Cerb

Good morning, eAmericans! On behalf of the Government Oversight Committee and the 18th Congress, welcome to the first of three Congressional Reports. I have the distinct privilege of inheriting this duty from Blake Chrysostom, and will be embracing most of the formatting he used for these updates. Although the initial plan was to release only two reports, the plethora of proposals (both in-game and on the forums) have compelled us to add an extra one to the agenda. In the wake of ATLANTIS' disintegration, the eUS has had to kick its foreign relations analysis into a higher gear, and we have also taken a more extensive look at our tax policies.

Additionally, members of the Government Oversight Committee (especially Chairman Bill Brasky</strong>) have been collaborating with the Speaker of the House, <strong>Cromstar, to provide the public with more access to Congressional deliberations. Please review the Public Disclosure section of the eUS forums, found <a href=,111.0.html>here</a>, to see what we've been up to in weeks past.

The following report will now provide a summary of the key items that have faced the 18th Congress in the first 10 days of office.

* For future reference, all 'lulz proposals' (made simply for XP) have been excluded from this report.
** All currency transfers to the Congressional Budget Office and issuing of US dollars were pre-approved and passed. So as to avoid redudancy, they are not listed below.

May 26:

- The President of Germany, Starkad Rorlikson</strong>, proposed an alliance with the USA. Congress voted <strong>No, 10-38.

- The President of Malaysia, Vikta</strong>, proposed an alliance with the USA. Congress voted <strong>Yes, 47-0.

May 29:

- The President of the USA, scrabman, proposed peace with Sweden. Congress voted Yes, 24-22.

May 30:

- The President of the USA, scrabman, proposed peace with Poland. Congress voted Yes, 32-10.

June 1:

- The President of the Czech Republic, Franz Kafka, proposed an alliance with the USA. Congress voted Yes, 29-17.

- Gaius Julius, Tennessee, called for the ratification of an eUS Constitution. Contained <a href=>here</a>, this document establishes the legitimate uses of authority by the eUS government, and the relationship between the individual and said government. Congress voted Yes, 32-0.

June 2:

- SirEkim, West Virginia, put forth a bill to reduce the import tax on oil from 30% to 1%. Congress voted Yes, 33-14.

- Cerb, New York, introduced the Congressional Deployment Limitations Act, which called for preventative measures to discourage Congressional resignations for military deployment. Congress voted Yes, 21-9, with 1 abstention.

- The President of Brazil, Darkvenom, proposed peace with the USA. Congress voted Yes, 33-0.

June 3:

- The President of Finland, Engram, proposed an alliance with the USA. Congress voted Yes, 44-0.

- Kyle321n, Indiana, created a bill to reduce the import tax on wood from 30% to 1%. Congress voted Yes, 32-13.

- Harrison Richardson, Texas, called for an official investment of 100 gold in Ireland for the purchase of their first Q5 hospital. The rationale for this measure was based on improving public relations with Ireland, who partners with the USA for ongoing war games, and rewarding them for the trading embargoes indirectly caused by the war games. Congress voted Yes, 28-2.

June 4:

- The President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Friend Freeman, proposed an alliance with the USA. Congress voted Yes, 41-2.

- Cromstar, Pennsylvania, set forth a bill to reduce the import tax on moving tickets from 30% to 1%. Congress voted Yes, 27-16.

- Killing Time, Arkansas, brought a bill before Congress to rename the Congressional chamber on the eUS forum, which is currently known as "The House of Representin'" (a reference to the movie Idiocracy), with the goal of establishing a more professional monicker for this section of the boards. Congress voted Yes, 15-4, with 6 abstentions.

- The President of the USA, scrabman, proposed an alliance with Croatia. Congress voted Yes, with at least 37 votes in the affirmative at the time this was written.

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