South Africa goes underground...

Day 553, 07:53 Published in South Africa South Africa by Gabriel Borien

By now everyone knows we've suffered a defeat at the hands of the Brazilians via Political Takeover, with the Brazilians gaining 67% of congress.

So what happens next?

Well, as of right now I'm being impeached...what does that mean? Wizzie_Don will be president, meaning South Africa will be "lead" by an Indonesian backed president.

There are a couple of plans I can think of but two stand out more than any other:

1ST plan -
Impeachment passes: Wizzie is president and he retreats from the battle in north west
-Indonesia continues attacking and Wizzie keeps retreating until he's left with 1 region, most likely Mpumalanga or Free State.
-Indonesia then attacks full force and defeats our allies who are fighting for us via MPP's and we are left without a country.
-Then Indonesia swaps regions with Brazil so Brazil finally gets those precious high diamond regions.

2ND plan -
Impeachment passes: Wizzie is president.
-Brazil waits until all our MPP's are expired and then funds wizzie the money needed to declare war on Brazil.
-Brazil then sweeps all our regions and we're left without a country.

So what do YOU as citizens do?
If your looking to get out of SA and fight for us in an allied region like America and Spain. Contact ZironiaInc, he'll get you a Moving Ticket as soon as possible and you'll be able to move. Move to a region with a Q5 hospital (IE Florida, USA).

also go to the national forums and follow the advisory on there, as the forum will undergo changes.

Go underground

South Africa is now an underground resistance group...we'll subvert the Brazilians plans until our demand of ALL of our regions are returned to South African sovereign control, and a penance paid. Brazil will pay very dearly for this PTO as will Indonesia. Both must be made to repay South Africa. We'll return someday soon, stronger and more fierce then ever. I pity the Brazilians that are in power then...they will see the true might of an oppressed force soon enough. Mobilize, get in contact with me about getting access to the forums after the changes occur. and wait for orders.

I swear on my eLife, Brazil will pay for this far more dearly then they can even imagine.


ALSO: Subscribe to this paper...also friend South African Armed Forces