The end of eSouth Africa

Day 552, 15:30 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ryan Dagari

What we may be realizing today is that we are in the midst of a political takeover. If things continue like this, we will not have a majority. If they gain 67% of congress, then our nation is doomed and won't make it to next week.

How do I know this? Well, its accustom for me to bring a bearer of bad news.

1 : Indo/Brazillian congress impeaches Gabriel.
2: Wizzie don, the next in line president, a PEACE Political Takeover president, shuts down any reclamation of our MPP's.
3. We are invaded like childsplay from Brazil and Indonesia, as Wizzie don uses the Retreat ability.
4. The rest of our nation is quickly dispersed and divided up.

A Word from Ryan Dagari

We stand upon possibly the deciding hours of our republic. For me, 8 months of my life have gone into this nation. For others, even longer. This is the moment where everything we did comes to a climax. We faced a perilous adventure throught our history, we have survived many challenges. I fear this may be the one that will bring us down.

I know not what will happen in the coming days. I can only predict... maybe they have prepared us a costume party... but I highly doubt that. This is the end of all things for some of us, and should they gain 67% of our congress... well... I don't see much happening after that.

This was a time of intense conversation on how to keep our nation safe this congress election; all the parties tried to work together. We tried to keep the UL in the top 5 to keep Wizzie's party out; we failed, and lost 6 fantastic candidates with it. We are now trying to feverishly vote our members up, but the low voting turnout on our part looks disturbing. The Free Africa party, as it has done every month I have known it, has once more taken upon itself the blame of the nation.

Really, all I can say is fuck you Free Africa, you selfish sons of dogs. You ran in your party selfishly, completely disregarding the co-operation the BLF and UL put fourth for you towards congress. This is it, this is the final time, yet you parade out there on your own accord, telling your members to only vote for your own, trying to gain that majority you always get, despite the current circumstances.. this is in large part your fault, and I assure you I will see to it that it goes down in history.

I am losing hope now, this is not a good time to, but I am. I do not see much of a future after this; if events play out and our nation no longer exists physically, then any resistance that the survivors would put up would be fruitless. Just look at our attempts at liberation, they failed miserably... there's no way we would be able to fight a resistance.

I feel sorry for all those who came here thinking we were the beacon of understanding, the one nation out there that is not in for anything for personal gain, but it is there for the benefit of all. This is the nation that is free, the nation that is peaceful, yet like all great civilizations, we will hit our downfall. I never could point to a time where we had peace; we have always been cowering over some invasion here or a takeover there... and all the work of keeping them from succeeding will have once more, led up to this single point in time. This may be it... and it looks like it will judging by what the congress results are coming out as.

What does Indonesia gain, what does Brazil gain from doing this? Some diamond regions? I will see to it personally that it goes down in history that these two imperialist nations invaded a nation of peace; a nation of true tranquillity for their own self gain and personal pleasure.

That's all I have right now. I could write 10 books about why I am pissed, why I am sad, and why I am depressed at what is going on right now, but i'll cut it to this. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Power to the People...
Ryan Dagari

I can sum up no word for what I feel right now. I'll leave you with a song.