The battles on the 541st day of eRepublik

Day 541, 14:11 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

The New World order might change as three regions were lost by Romania in one single day.

The Romanian soldiers fought bravely on five different battlefields: against Hungary in Donbas and Podolia and against Indonesia in West Siberian Region and 2 other regions.

The West Siberian Region battle was by far one of the most intense one in the history of the New World. With an average of over 2100 citizens online during the entire day, the battle lasted much more than the usual 24 hours, with thousands of casualties from both sides. Even though the total damage done by Indonesia was decreased with more that 200.000 units during the day as a result of a thorough investigation, the attackers proved to be a greater power than Romania could resist this time. They kept the defenders in the City or in the Administration Center for many hours during the battle, and after 24 hours the Romanians could not push back the battle line.

A separate war was fought by some Romanian citizens that, in order to find a parallel method to win the battles, made pressures that they will quit the game if the war wouldn't be stopped by the scientists of the New World. Our position is that those kinds of actions will never help a country winning a battle.

In conclusion, no citizen can influence our decisions and the intimidation actions will not be addressed in any way. Our goal is to make sure that every battle occurs correct and we would appreciate if you will always express your doubts and reports using the contact form (we know we have an issue regarding the answering time and that is why we are hiring new members – see the new positions available in the team).

Congratulations to all attackers, especially to the Indonesians who won a rich region holding large amounts of resources. We also send our respect to the brave Romanian soldiers who fought today.

Future challenges

If we are talking about war, we just want to announce that while our engineers are working on different modules (code improvements, debugging, citizen ads and citizenship) we are already starting to analyze the concept of the next war module that will include Player versus Player and more tactics.

Thank you all for your support throughout the day,
The eRepublik Team

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