Investigation Day

Day 541, 07:09 Published in by Plato

Today the admins and the testers focused almost 100% on checking the correctness of the way that the current wars are fought. Besides small details on other battles the main issues appeared when checking the battle for the West Siberia Region.
We checked separately: the gold spent in this war, the possible fakes and the weapons used. Our conclusions are:
- one user is under investigation for using the Gold exploit in March;
- besides finding a big farm of fake babies in Romania that haven't yet reach the fighting age we haven't found any major problems with fake citizens fighting. The damage dealt in active battles by accounts who are permanently banned for being fake accounts is automatically removed.
- we found on the attacking side the proof that a big amount of Q5 weapons was used from the products exploit that appeared last week (and already fixed). The total damage influenced by these weapons, for this battle, was 220.183 units

Following this investigation we immediately banned the entities who used the exploit and temporary banned other organizations for further investigations. The value of the wall will be corrected by adding 220.183 units. As there are still Q5 weapons created artificially in two other countries (not involved in this war), in the next 48 hours we will investigate them and apply the necessary measures so that the people doing this cheats get a strong message that are not wanted in eRepublik.
A really big THANK YOU to the people that helped us during this investigation as they understand that we are still a small team and we need to administrate and develop a big project as eRepublik. We really appreciate all the help and is clear that eRepublik is much better with you.

Discussions about this topic will take place here

Maintenance work

Today on the 541 day in the New World a set of improvements will be done to the infrastructure of the datacenter by changing several routers, a process done by our hosting company.
During the 14:00 – 19:00 time of eRepublik some citizens might encounter some loading issues plus a 30 minutes downtime around 17:00 eRepublik time . The loading time was highly improved during the last months due to a constant work of maintenance and the addition of new servers. Also code optimization processes played an important role for these improvements as this was our engineers main focus in the last months.

Thank you for your support,
The eRepublik Team