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7th Cavalry

Day 2,315, 15:05 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Moldova by SPECTRE Command

7th Cavalry is recruiting new soldiers
become a member join here

fight for politicians, fight for parties, fight for countries and nations, fight for your rights, fight for medals, fight to survive, ...

soldiers, today we fight for media mogul medal get it here

the one and only British volunteer military unit



Don Care Leone
Don Care Leone Day 2,315, 15:08

Happy Anniversary . . .


Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,315, 15:48

Vote buying on a government lent org... to knock out agovernment article... really?

no offense to whoever wrote this but that should be a warning with any second offence being the org right retracted ~_~

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,315, 16:24

Well said petty officer Ayame o7

jamesw Day 2,315, 16:38

Its Jockson. You let hundreds of new players die in your MU, ignoring the feed and their messages asking for help. It'd be awesome if you didn't do it again.

Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,315, 16:51

messages asking for help?
what do you think my soldiers are? bunch of sissies?

jamesw Day 2,315, 17:00

I think your soldiers are dead.

Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,315, 17:03

well, war does that to people

Massacar Day 2,315, 22:18

Well because of the way this game runs, without a friendly and helpful community it's hard to foster retention with new players.... Which means that new players will need help, this is not weakness. This is simply the fact that they start out poorly equipped.

Tinman. Day 2,316, 01:32

'ERE 'ere Massacar

D I W Day 2,316, 02:12

The unit with the laziest commander

Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,316, 09:54

you call me lazy?
man, last week in our latest campaign of cutting enemy alliance vast resources, I've led my men through 1000 miles of Gobi desert, climbed 1000 feet crossing Himalaya mountains, crossed Pakistan, Sindh and Persia, ... crossed half of Asia and been wounded three times in face to face fights with local guerrillas while you were sitting in Scotland and you call that lazy?

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,316, 10:10

you should be ashamed and stop dreaming and talking fancy things

Dave Trenga Day 2,316, 10:39

Comment deleted

Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,316, 12:46

It seems that link to Media mogul medal was removed by admins.
This is a message from authors of the script:

"Please keep MogulProject sharing private. You are allowed to mention it, but any links, that lead to mogulproject, are forbidden (according to Plato)."

If you're still interested about earning MM medal, you can send me a private message and I'll give you the link. It's basically sub for sub system, a friendly Greasemonkey script.

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,316, 12:52

Help should be given freely to everyone,new OR old.
RN is based around this principal.
We all help one another(-:}

suezo31 Day 2,316, 13:23


Jack Jockson
Jack Jockson Day 2,316, 15:35

Get your weapons on chat channels:
- wanna fight for Bulgaria? supplies on
- for Brazil #vamojunto
- for Croatia #rat

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